How to choose a shaving aid. Which is better: cream, foam or gel?

The procedure of shaving in daily life for many men is perhaps one of uncomfortable. Is it possible to make it enjoyable, selecting the right tool for shaving?

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The cream is the ancestor of modern shaving. Despite the emergence and wide dissemination of foams and gels, shaving cream remains in demand. Give preference to him or men in the age, characterized by conservatism and are accustomed to its use in teenage years, or people who are accustomed to save. And this is not surprising, because among other means shaving it has the lowest cost. Those who believe that the cream is not able to provide a quality shave, is deeply mistaken. Thanks soap film, created by the cream on the skin surface, the razor blade can glide over the skin, carefully cutting off the bristles. And it perfectly hydrates the skin, which is very important for those who have the type of skin – dry. Disadvantages the cream has two: the necessity of using a swab to obtain a foamy substance and complexity of the dosage. Mandatory components of a quality shaving cream Soaps are alkaline, Vodopyanova solution, antiquity, silicone, various oils and antiseptics. Welcomed the presence of the natural extracts from green tea, chamomile flowers, grape juice or citrus fruits, has anti-inflammatory properties and improves blood clotting.


Unlike cream, shaving foam enclosed in a container having the-button dispenser, so the amount of foam at the outlet depends on the time you press the button. For homogenous foam cylinder with it before using it is necessary several times to shake. Shaving foam is intermediate price niche — it is not much more expensive than cream, but much cheaper gel. Despite the reasonable price and ease of use, the foam is gradually losing its popularity. There are several reasons: it is not always evenly applied, after application, becomes less dense, and even slips off of the skin when exposed razor blade. Choosing a shaving cream, note the substance used as the basis. Mineral mass, which is a product of oil refining, will inevitably leave on the surface of the skin thin film, which hinders air exchange and trigger irritations. Stop your choice on the foam, which is prepared from a hydrated natural oils (olive, corn or almond). The water in the composition of the foam must be prepared and purified, and the optimal alcohol component is considered metilparaben. Quality shaving foam always contains anti-inflammatory substances on the basis of extracts of chamomile, aloe Vera or calendula. The flavors that are added to give the vehicle a pleasant smell, should be natural.


Like foam, shaving gel is prepackaged in cartridges. It can be easily applied to the skin, and to shake the container before use is not necessary. The gel is quickly distributed in the skin, turning into a rich and thick lather. Besides providing flawless and easy razor glide over the skin, the gel contains active components, softening the hair. Due to this, shave using gel becomes flawless. Because the composition of the gel is almost identical to the composition of the foam, the requirements for its components will be similar. The universal answer to the question of which tools for a better shave, does not exist. Use shaving cream, if you got used to it, ideal you use foam or gel for a comfortable shave. Don't be afraid to experiment, try new samples of perfume products, giving preference to the popular and time-tested brands. Be aware that the main indicator of the proper selected shaving is healthy and clean face skin!

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