How quickly cure stomatitis folk remedies. Traditional medicine against the stomatitis

In addition to medication to treat thrush are folk remedies that help to get rid of the inflammatory process of the mucosa of the oral cavity.

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The easiest, does not require additional ingredients, the recipe of liquid for rinsing the mouth is moderately hot (do not create discomfort) boiling water. Rinsing the oral cavity it is necessary several times a day. It is especially important to perform this procedure after eating to stop the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and to remove from the surface of the mucosa and teeth of the smallest pieces of food. The volume of liquid for rinsing is 200-250 ml (1 Cup). To reduce, if not get rid of the pain, often accompanying the disease the disease, will help 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, dissolved in a glass of warm water. Effective against inflammation of the mucous is a solution for rinsing the mouth, made from fresh cabbage or freshly made carrot juice. Before using do not forget to dilute them with warm boiled water in the ratio 1:1. The solution to rinse the mouth with juice of horseradish will fit, most likely, only adults. It is prepared as follows: the roots of horseradish mince or RUB on a small grater, the resulting slurry was squeezed through cheesecloth, and the juice of horseradish diluted with water in ratio 1:1. And another recipe rinse solution: a handful of onion peel pour two cups of boiling water, cover and infuse for 7-8 hours. Before rinsing the mouth decoction of onion peel should be heated to a comfortable temperature.


The most famous and popular pack to get rid of thrush using garlic. Turning into mush 3 large cloves, add 2-3 teaspoons of sour milk, kefir or yogurt, and then mix thoroughly. Slightly heated the mixture, it is put into language and then the language distributed to the affected disease sites mucosa. Armed with patience, because this will significantly compress it to burn, it should be kept in the mouth for 1-2 minutes. The procedure must be performed at least 4 times a day. To cope with the inflammatory process in the oral cavity will help raw potatoes. Rubbed on a fine grater potato, it added the same amount of olive oil. Stir the resulting slurry is applied to the thrush and ulcers. You can not shred the potato and cut it into thin plates, to attach them to the foci of inflammation. A more pleasant treatment for thrush can be prepared from a tablespoon of liquid honey, the same amount of olive oil and raw protein 1 chicken egg. If honey crystallized or sugar, before cooking compress dissolve in a water bath. At the time of treatment review your diet, excluding acidic, salty, spicy, hard, hot and cold food. Let stomatitis bypasses your party! Be always healthy!

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