How to drink energy drinks. Batteries in cans

Advertising positions them as a harmless remedy against fatigue, activates mental and physical activity of the body. Whether so it actually?

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Long before the invention of energy drinks (energy drinks) known to mankind were natural stimulants. The most common ones are coffee, tea, Kola nuts, Yerba mate, Coca, khat, ephedra, aralia, ginseng and Siberian ginseng. The first industrial power-drink "Red Bull" appeared thanks to the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, in Hong Kong after tasting tonic beverage locally sourced. It is Mateschitz in 1982 he developed mass production of energy drink, instantly conquered the world.

What is inside the jar

The basis of any energy drink is water. She took the highest volume fraction. Its purpose is to absorb all other ingredients, thereby easing the process of their assimilation by the body. Sucrose and glucose. First you need to sweeten the drink and give it an attractive taste. The second is a source of energy, allowing the normal metabolic processes in the body. An obligatory component of energy drinks is carbon dioxide. She plays the role of preservative and facilitates the rapid assimilation of the ingredients of the drink the body and accelerates the invigorating effects. Caffeine is included, without exception, all energy drinks. It is found in large quantity in coffee, tea, Cola nuts, mate, guarana and some other products. Caffeine — the most common stimulant, it quickens the pulse, stimulates the circulation and has a diuretic effect. In their structure and the body to caffeine is much like substance theobromine contained in the cocoa products. The main difference from the caffeine – the weaker the incentive effect. Taurine activates muscle activity and reduces fatigue. Similar action has on the body and the substance carnitine that activates fatty acid oxidation and accelerating metabolic processes. Guarana and ginseng are natural stimulants. Encourage physical and mental activity of the organism, neutralize the feeling of fatigue. The b vitamins contained in energy drinks, directly on the activity and efficiency are not affected, because sufficient quantities are contained in ordinary foods. Glucuronolactone accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body, energy property does not have

How to drink energy drinks

You should be aware that by themselves, energy drinks are no extra energy not contain, they "squeeze" the charge of energy from the human body, to complete the program by mobilising its internal resources. The effect of energy products on the human body can be compared to a whip, forcing him to operate at full capacity without fatigue. After this "race" to the limit of their capabilities the body much-needed rest to recuperate. The composition of energy drinks can be divided into "coffee" and "vitamin-carbohydrate". The first is more suitable for students, at night, gnawing the granite of science, and workaholics, engaged in solving complex tasks for a long time. Second – physically active people, giving a lot of energy intensive exhausting training. Regular consumption of energy drinks is strongly discouraged by doctors all over the world. It is fraught with metabolic disorders, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, General fatigue and depression. Use of energy drinks on occasion when required temporarily for 3-4 hours to mobilize physical or mental energy on performing complex one-time tasks. The amount of alcohol consumed beverage must not exceed 300 ml. Forbidden to drink energy drinks after workouts and physical strain. Energy drinks stimulate heart activity and increase blood pressure and the body at this time desired peace and relaxation. Don't forget that energy drinks have a diuretic effect and therefore are to be expelled from the body of water, a fair amount of which he lost through sweat during physical activity. Energy drinks are contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, stomach ulcers, liver diseases and glaucoma. Energy associated with coffee, tea and alcohol. Our advice is to consume energy drinks as infrequently as possible, resorting to them only in exceptional cases. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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