How to wash a down jacket. Wash down jacket at home

When lightweight, warm and durable down jacket with time become stained, do not rush to carry it to the dry cleaners, a warm jacket can be washed independently.

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Preparations for washing

Before you wash down jacket, be sure to check the pockets, retrieved the keys, tokens and coins. Fastens all the buttons, clasps and zippers to avoid deformation of the fabric and zipper details, which are attached to clasps and buttons.

wash down jacket arms

In the mildest cases of pollution just zalivaem the cloth with warm soapy water, not allowing to get wet down inside. In any case, do not use hand washing detergents! Foam formed from them are so resistant that wash it will not be easy. Use a Laundry soap or a mild shampoo. If the jacket is seriously dirty, apply soap or shampoo on packagemay places: pockets, cuffs, elbows and collar. Three easy with a soft brush and then thoroughly rinse the foam. In the most serious cases, where the jacket really dirty, hang it on a hanger and lightly wet the cloth, apply the detergent on the entire surface of the jacket. Working with a soft brush the entire surface of the jacket and again very thoroughly removed all the foam from the surface of clothing.

wash down jacket in the washing machine

Lay the jacket in the washing machine and the same 4 throw a tennis ball. They will shake your jacket in the washing process and prevent the dislodging of down in lumps. Fill the washing machine with liquid Laundry detergent or liquid soap. Set the water temperature 300 C. The washing program to select, gentle, and momentum is minimal. In General, what is the most delicate wash cycle. Upon completion of the washing, repeat the rinsing procedure at least three times in order to get rid of the soap and suds. The extraction is performed at a minimum speed of the drum.


Honestly shake the jacket and hangs it on a coat hanger. Place the jacket next to a radiator or heater, but in no case is directly on them. During drying occasionally (the more, the better) whisk the jacket hands, well, almost like a pillow. In the process of drying on the surface of the jacket may appear light spot and a divorce from the washing means. Quietly and without panic and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Usually after washing need to iron the jacket is not. But if you really wanted to iron, only the vertical Stripping. Avoid very frequent washing down. Its surface is impregnated with a special water-repellent substance, which after washings gradually loses its properties.

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