How to iron a shirt. The secrets of proper Ironing shirts

It would seem that cunning in the Ironing of shirts? Share the secrets and subtleties of proper Ironing of the garment.

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To facilitate future Ironing, after washing the shirt not much pressed, dried it on hangers, so it is less crushed. By the way, exactly the same squeeze and dry them wash the thing if you need to iron without the iron. The complete drying of the shirt do not wait — parched thing will not succumb to the iron. If the shirt still dry, not wet.The component parts of men's shirts 1 — collar 2 — Flirty 3 — strap 4 — sleeve 5 — shelf 6 — back


About half an hour before Ironing the shirt moistened by the sprayer. Fold and put in plastic bag. As an option, wetted the shirt can be wrapped in a towel.


An electric iron heated to the desired temperature. For cotton is 150 to 220 flax, and polyester of 110 degrees Celsius. Not too lazy to study the labels on the label of the shirt to clarify temperature Ironing. Begin the process of Ironing with those parts, where the material is folded. Utaim collar with stand, first with internal and then with external parties., To avoid wrinkles on the collar, begin to stroke with sharp ends and moving towards the middle. Putting a collar on a slice of the stand and pass over the crease again. Go to Flirty. Ironed the yoke and povorotnikova zone. Carefully stroking the base of the rack. Probably will be stupid enough to warn that iron you need, without leaving folds and wrinkles. Isn't it? Ironed on both sides and turn the cuff to the sleeve. First, fold the sleeve up the seam and iron. Next, fold the shirt sleeve seam to the side and ironed on both sides. Nagliati to whether the arrow on the sleeve? The issue is very complicated. Those who nagligivaget, argue that the arrows on the sleeves give the shirt accuracy and volume, while their opponents argue that this is mauvais ton and coldforming. Decide for yourself. For example, I have arrows on the sleeves iron, and it does not feel "the boot". Put the shirt back up. Methodically, smooth movements utaim it along and poperek. Put the shirt on the Ironing Board face (shelf) up. And again, as when Ironing the back, confident and thorough movements driven it in perfect condition. It is very important when Ironing the front side is completely ironed the seam between the front and back, and armhole — sleeve shirt. On the right shelf carefully and skillfully go around the closure. On the left is diligently ironed the bar. Shirt ironed. Dress this beauty for yourself, or hang on a hanger and placed in a spacious closet.

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