How to iron clothes without iron. Ironing improvised means

When the iron broke, there is no electricity or iron simply no, upset is not necessary — clothes can be pet without it.

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Wash clothes without spinning

The easiest way. Wash clothes, but don't wring or squeeze it slightly. Hang on hanger and dry them. The need to iron washed in this way, the thing is completely missing.

Iron clothes steam from a kettle

Bring water in kettle to boil and steam from the spout of the treated wrinkled areas of the clothing. This method is to smooth out small creases and bruising.

Iron steam things in the bathroom

Close the door to the bathroom, to avoid loss of precious couple. The drain hole of the bath is closed by a stopper and fill it with hot water. Than hot water, the better — more vapor is formed. Article of clothing that needs Ironing, hang over the bath and exit. After 20 minutes, your clothes will be without a single crease, however, it will be slightly damp. Method is suitable for any clothes.

Iron clothes sprayer

If you need to iron a shirt or t-shirt that just a little bit primalis, slightly moistened with a sprayer and puts on. Minutes through ten it will dry out and smoothed.

Iron pants mattress

In the evening the trousers neatly folded on the arrows, laying them out neatly on the bed frame, cover with the mattress. And stacked on top to sleep. In the morning the pants would have look like they were carefully ironed.

Iron pants coins and a comb

Fold pants strictly along the arrows. Wet the comb (preferably metal) with water, and he wrapped his leg with an arrow between two teeth of a comb, several times conduct the comb along the leg forward and backward. For any queries, you can use the coins. Wet two coins, press the arrow inserted between strongly compressed hands of the coins and perform the reciprocating movement of coins along the leg. Someone of those ways to iron clothes without iron will seem primitive and archaic. And someone, maybe help out in difficult times. But in any case, let your clothes will always be ironed!

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