How to iron pants with arrows. Iron pants correctly

In the late nineteenth century garment factories finished products are firmly packaged in bales for transportation. When the shopping was unpacked, the legs remained of the folds, which flatten the irons of those times was impossible.

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With this just accept it – and there was a fashion hands on his trousers. We are more than a century of tradition will not just show you how to iron pants so that the arrows on them it was possible to "shave". Ways to iron pants without iron is presented in another article, we focus on "classic" — with the help of iron.

Iron pants on reverse side

Turn the pants inside out. Ironed the lining, proceed to the pockets and waistband. Completing the first stage of Ironing pants.

pressing the front side

We turn out the pants on the front side and ironed again. Through a thin cloth or gauze smooth out the folds and bruising on the top of the pants. Next, patting the pockets and seat. Not reaching the lines of the arrows themselves ironed Trouser legs.

the Formation of arrows

On the inner side of the legs dry soap (preferably economic) draw a thin strip directly in line with the shooter. In the army we used a solution of PVA glue with water. Can try, the effect is armour piercing. Neatly fold the pants front part up so that the outer side seams coincided with internal. The front Darts should emerge together. If you have not got, nothing wrong with that. Just be aware that your trousers could squeeze a disciple of the master. It is possible to fix the relative position of the halves of the Trouser legs with a pin. Hands begin to caress the inner side of the leg. To ironed trousers arrows were tough and hung in there the cloth or gauze moistened with a solution of water and vinegar (1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of vinegar). Turn the pant leg exterior side up and the arrow utaim again. Done all the above steps with the second leg of the trousers. Fold legs together, easily pass the iron without steam through a dry fabric already ironed to the arrows, fixing the result of painstaking work. Piping hot pants hung in a vertical position, admire them and dress up.

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