How to care for suede shoes. Care for suede shoes

Your suede shoes — something comfortable, durable, stylish and elegant. Contrary to popular belief, to care for suede shoes is not much harder than leather.

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Dust dry shoes clean soft flannel cloth or a special brush for suede. If suede shoes have stains of mud or salt stains, it is convenient and easy to clean by using spray-foam-cleaner. Many stains on suede can be withdrawn with an ordinary school eraser. Three of them contaminated area and see how the smudge disappears, the Shoe becomes a commodity.


If the shoes are dirty heavily have to give her a wash. In warm water dissolve washing detergent for delicate washing liquid or soap. The resulting solution is carefully and gently my favorite suede shoes. If cleaning does not help to get rid of dirty spots, arranged "water bath". Zaipaqilai in a pot water and hold the shoes over boiling water. After steaming, wipe the shoes using a soft cloth. Steaming pile before our eyes acquires its original appearance.


Dry your suede shoes away from heat sources (radiators, fireplaces and heaters). The inside of the footwear stuffed with dry newspaper, and will take away the moisture.

Raise a NAP

If suede shoes in some places appeared shiny spots, this suggests that the pile suede "settled". A cotton swab wetted with ammonia and wipe all of the stain gloss. Next, an eraser or a rubber brush to raise the NAP on the entire surface of the Shoe. Also perfectly restores the structure to its suede steaming over boiling water. How to make suede shoes "water bath" we were told earlier.

Restore color

From long-term exposure to sunlight and suede shoes and nubuck shoes loses its original color and becomes either gray or blue. Spray-painted with special paint for suede apply a coat of paint to faded shoes. Dry and raise NAP using a rubber brush or eraser. Footwear as good as new again.


After any manipulation with the shoes (cleaning, washing, drying, etc.) should treat the surface with a special protective water-repellent suede spray. Spray a protective solution on the surface of the Shoe until, until it becomes slightly damp and dry. Now gentle and delicate material of shoes protected from dust, moisture, dirt and salt solutions, which are liberally sprinkled municipal services roads in the winter. Suede is one of the most expensive materials for shoes, and therefore time and patience to care for suede shoes will need more than its cousin from the skin. But for your time and effort suede shoes will thank you for its softness, lightness and grace.

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