How to care for nubuck shoes. The Shoe care nubuck

The nubuck shoes recently appeared in a wide range, but quickly gained popularity and love of consumers, instantly appreciated its remarkable properties.

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Care for nubuck shoes differs significantly from care for leather shoes, but at the same time, very similar to the treatment of suede. About caring for suede is explained in detail in the article "How to care for suede shoes". Therefore, to avoid repetition, we present only some of the differences and features of the care of nubuck. Clean and dry the nubuck shoes the same as and suede shoes, but the sink will dwell in greater detail. The nubuck shoes possible advised not to wash, because due to the large amount of moisture nubuck loses most of its advantages, it becomes rough to the touch and unsightly. If without washing can not do, wetting a cloth in water with a small addition of ammonia, wring it and wipe the soiled areas of the Shoe. Recover the structure of nubuck and getting rid of scuffs and salt stains with the help of "water bath" for a couple. Don't forget after the "bath" to walk on the surface of the Shoe with a special rubber brush. After the suede surface will not only clean, but moderately rough. Podkashivaet and protect the nubuck shoes paint with water-repellent effect or a special impregnation.And remember how you care for your shoes, depends not only its appearance but also its durability and your comfort.

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