How to care for leather shoes. Rules of Shoe care leather

Let's talk about how to care for leather shoes. For shoes made of smooth leather, as product care nubuck or suede leather has its own characteristics.

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Clean up from dust and dirt

That leather shoes easily cleaned of contaminants, does not mean that it is enough to wash it under the tap. Not at all – to clean shoes made of smooth leather from dust, dirt or salt stains, there are special shampoos, detergents and sponges for leather shoes. But if you want really cheap and cheerful, moist piece of soft cloth in a mild soap solution and wipe the shoes from dust, dirt or washed, but after the cleaning be sure to wipe the footwear with a dry soft cloth.

Drying and hydration

Dried the skin becomes hard, fragile and brittle. Therefore, leather shoes dry at room temperature, away from radiators, fireplaces, space heaters and other heat sources. Processed shoes protective moisturizer spray or similar means. They moisturize and soften the skin, thereby protecting it from premature cracking. And protective component of the cream or spray will prevent the appearance on the shoes of salt stains. Treatment the Shoe should not be implemented before going outside, and long before him, so that the cream soaked skin.

Polishing and storage

A piece of soft cloth polishing shoes, performing fast hand movements back and forth. With the smallest particles of wax that are included with almost every cream or aerosol, by heating to melt and cover the surface of leather shoes with a thin layer of wax. The film is formed, which protects the Shoe from moisture and gives it Shine. Each pair of leather shoes stored in a separate cardboard box and to avoid deformation fill the inside of the Shoe crumpled paper. Daily person evaporates about 20 ml of liquid through the feet, and to dry shoes need about 24 hours. So to prolong the wear time of the Shoe, change it every day so the leather is well dried out.

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