How to choose winter shoes. Criteria for the choice of winter shoes

Winter boots should be warm, waterproof, comfortable, light and beautiful. That's when you will feel yourself cozy and comfortable.

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skin Type

Leather shoes The best option for winter footwear. Strong, almost does not get wet, perfectly keeps warm and easily takes the shape of a foot. Caring for leather shoes is easy and simple. Suede shoes Attractive in appearance, pleasant to the touch, very comfortable to wear and quite warm. The only negative – not very fond of moisture. To remain wet suede stains and salt spots. Suede shoes require special attention and care. Leatherette shoes The alternative to leather shoes, but not winter. Moisture, cold crack, heat holds. The only advantage – low price.

How to distinguish genuine leather from leatherette

Put your hand to the surface of the Shoe. If the Shoe has absorbed the heat of the hands and warmed up in front of us, the skin if left cold – it was leather. Ordinary needle trying to pierce the shoes in a hidden place. If the surface spryginia and almost didn't give in – this product is made of genuine leather, if the needle easily penetrated the surface, then dealing with a substitute. Looking for a free slice of skin somewhere near the castle. If it turns out to remove the thread, so shoes made of faux leather, if not shoes natural. Faux leather is a textile basis, and natural – nappy. If you are much stronger than the seller, can check out the Shoe leather in natural with 100% accuracy. Light a match or lighter and hold the area of the Shoe on the flame. On fire, the leather will shrink and it will remain trail, AU natural leather, nothing will happen. It is useless to determine the natural leather smell. Modern perfume will give any smell of natural leather skin.


Real fur will be the best choice in all respects. Faux fur does not absorb sweat, legs it does not breathe and quickly freeze. Determine the natural fur. Fingers pushing fur aside. If the basis of fur leather, fur, natural, if tissue – you got a faux fur.


The midsole material does not matter. Polyurethane, rubber or polyvinyl chloride – all of which are waterproof and fairly durable. Looking for shoes with a thick sole. The thicker the soles of boots or shoes, the warmer will be our feet. Sole thickness less than one centimeter will constantly freeze. Pattern on the outsole choose expressive and relief, to feel confident in the ice. If the sole is sewn to the base of the Shoe, glued — in stunning quality contemporary footwear adhesives decisive value it has.

Fitting in

Choosing shoes half size more than usual. In tight shoes feet are tired, swollen, sore and cold. Between the foot and the material lining should remain a small space. But do not overdo it, because usually the shoes are a little stretched. You don't want to carry the particular trampled shoes as galoshes, for fear of losing them? Measure standing footwear, it is advisable to walk a bit to get a feel for how the shoes fit on the foot. The seams of quality footwear do not have lesions anywhere else, but under the surface insoles should not have any folds and protrusions. About protruding nails and not even mentioned. At the end of the compared right boot with left, check the strength of the seams and no creases. Test trouble-free operation of locks, if any. We are confident that using our tips you will be included in the winter season, shod in the good sense of the word!

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