How to choose underwear. The right choice of underwear

Thermal underwear retains heat and moisture from the body to the top layer of the surface, it always stays dry and creates a unique microclimate between the body and the lower layer fabric.

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Kinds of underwear

Teplosberegayuschaya Creates a protective layer between the human body and the external environment. The thicker the layer, the more heat keeps this underwear. For its production we use fabric with mesh netting or a mass lesion. This weaving technology increases the volume contained in the tissue of the air without significantly increasing its thickness and weight. Moisture management (functional) Removes excess moisture and perspiration from the body surface. The air heated from the body heat, expands and rushes out, at the same time capturing a particle evaporating sweat. And since the material is functional thermal underwear does not absorb moisture, such linen is not wet and not soaked with sweat. Hybrid (teplosberegayuschaya and moisture management) Combines the properties of heat-insulating and made of linen. Inner layer with moisture management properties, removes sweat from the skin surface of the body, and the outer layer – teplosberegayuschaya – retains heat and absorbs deduced inner layer moisture.


Thermal underwear made from polypropylene, polyester, wool, cotton, or combinations thereof. Synthetic materials wick moisture perfectly and are more durable. And with the addition of cotton or wool (wool especially Merlino from New Zealand) linen is especially comfortable and pleasant for skin.


To practice winter sports with regular significant physical activity (cross-country skiing, skating, climbing, etc) recommend thermal underwear made from polypropylene or polyester. These materials do not absorb moisture and perfectly removes it from the body, resulting in the underwear can dry right on the body without causing any discomfort. The same linen, but with less dense weaving of fabric, and will be indispensable for summer sports. For sports in which periods of intense physical activity alternate with periods of passive or rest periods, recommend underwear from the same synthetics, but with the addition of wool or cotton. This underwear will not only take away sweat from the body, but also to keep warm. The best option to practice skiing, snowboarding, sledges, hunting or fishing. For everyday wear in everyday life suggest teplosberegayuschaya underwear made from natural materials – wool or cotton. Such Laundry will be easy and enjoyable for the body.

Try on

A prerequisite for the purchase of thermal underwear is fitting. Dress linens, perform Mahi hands and feet performed by bending forward and backward. This linen should not hamper the movements, must not press or RUB. Avoid rubbing the skin, the joints and the labels on the underwear needs to be formed on the outer side.


Wash machine in a mode of delicate washing or hand, but at water temperatures above 400 C, without chlorine-containing detergents. After washing, do not wring, dry without additional heat sources. Not iron iron, do not dry-cleaner.The stores offer many models of underwear, in both the low and high prices. Avoid shopping for cheap lingerie. In this case, cheap is a synonym of wet and cold.

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