How to wash a sweater made of wool. Rules for washing wool sweaters

There is nothing more convenient and practical in cold weather than a sweater made of wool. But one drawback it does have is to wash a wool sweater is not just.

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water Temperature

Wool afraid of hot water. To your favorite sweater after washing did not sit down and shrank to child size, water temperature for washing should be in the range of 300 C.


Manually Before washing make sure that your favorite sweater is not contraindicated in this procedure, carefully read the legend on the label or the tag of the sweater. In the basin of warm water soluble gel for washing or shampoo. Add a tea spoon of softener. The resulting mixture carefully stir, whisk together the foam and put in a bowl sweater. Wait 5 minutes, not more, otherwise favorite thing will stretch and lose shape. Put the sweater in a large bowl and wash under running tap water until the water until no foam and it becomes transparent. That sweater is not stretched, in no case do not aim jets of water directly on the wool thing. In the washing machine Put the sweater in a washing bag and put it in the washing machine. Set delicate cycle or hand wash. Fall asleep in a container of washing powder and conditioner. Set the water temperature at 300 C. turning off the spin cycle and run the washer.


Actually, squeezing, as such, categorically should not be – soaked cotton thread your favorite article of clothing are pulled instantly, as soon as you try to wring out the sweater from the water. Gently and carefully compressed in the hands of the thing washed, to remove excess water. Lay sweater on a bath towel, folded and neatly pressed.


Away from radiators and direct sunlight, on a flat surface (floor or table) lay a piece of plastic sheeting, put on top of a dry towel and then laid it on the sweater. Slowly spread the garment on a towel, giving it the desired shape, forming the neck, shoulders, sleeves and bottom. Can the corners of the towel wrap to the center and briefly pressed his hands on top – so you will additionally benefit from a wet sweater a little more moisture. The procedure can be repeated several times, each time changing towel to dry. If you want to dry the sweater faster, periodically turn it upside down from the backside to the front and Vice versa, periodically changing the towels.

is Stored

Store the washed and dried wool sweater is best folded on a shelf in the closet, and not in hanging position on the shoulders. And let your favorite sweater for a long time will be soft, warm and comfortable!

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