How to wash jeans. Wash the jeans by themselves

Jeans are an indispensable part of the wardrobe, but like any clothing, will inevitably get dirty and therefore in need of timely washing, drying and Ironing.

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Preparations for washing

First of all we explore the icons with the labels on the inside of the jeans. They tell about the water temperature, wash cycle, use of detergents, etc. Extracted from the pockets of all contents. One day, along with jeans I washed "the stick" . The drive successfully passed the test of water, but since I emphasize the contents of pockets of clothes before washing. Zipper pulls on jeans all buttons and locks.

Hand wash

Is more suitable for washing jeans, rather than machine. Warm ( not above 400) water-soluble special means for washing of denim fabrics or washing powder for coloured fabrics. Powders containing bleach aside till better times. Add the conditioner or one or two tablespoons of vinegar. Put in a basin with the mixture of jeans and leave them for half an hour soak. Half an hour later proceed to the wash: a soft clothes brush go over the entire surface of first one leg and then the other. You can additionally lather the brush (but not jeans).

Machine wash

Jeans turn inside out and put in a special bag for washing. Fill with washing detergent for washing of denim products or detergent for coloured fabrics. Added air conditioning. Set the water temperature at 400 C, select the mode of washing delicate or manual mode.


At the end of washing, rinse the jeans in a basin of clean warm water. You can rinse the jeans under the shower, spreading them on the bottom of the bath. For the second time already performed by rinsing with cool water.


Before drying the jeans better not wring his hands nor in the drum of a washing machine. This method allowed sensitive extraction: jeans placed vertically, hold the leg with your palms from both sides and drove the remaining water down. We turn out pants and repeat the procedure. Hang jeans by the belt (never throw them over the rope!) on a clothesline. It is advisable not to dry jeans in the sun.


Set iron temperature for cotton products, turns jeans inside out and ironed to your favorite pants from the waist to Kalos. You can not remove the pants, then iron them through cheesecloth or a thin cloth. Do not worry if the wash water denim pants will be painted a rich color is just washed out the excess dye from denim.

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