How to output spots. The rules for removing stains

Whether you want to carry the dry cleaners dress due to the fact that it randomly appeared a small coffee stain or lipstick, if it can be removed independently?

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Set the origin of the spot

A prerequisite for successful removal of stains is their identification. It is sometimes difficult to determine where an ugly stain on the clothes, but mostly this task is feasible. There are grease stains from water or edible oils, oil paints, various fats and resins. A separate group are stains of organic origin: from vegetables, fruits, berries, wine, coffee, cocoa, tea, blood, sweat, egg white, mildew, grass, ink. There are also household stains: from rust, Shoe Polish, glue and drugs. In the separate group has to endure cosmetic stains from lipstick, nail Polish and hair mascara, makeup and blush.

prep work

Before the beginning of works to remove the stains thoroughly clean the product with a brush, removing dirt and dust. This procedure will reduce the likelihood that upon completion of cleansing procedures around the cleaned area of fabric formed a kind of "halo" — the border separating the clean area from the rest of the fabric. To avoid on the tissues of the halo can also be moistened before removal of the fabric around the stain with water. From the bottom of the tissue under the spot puts a clean white cloth, folded in several layers. The fabric should be synthetic, natural and absorbent.

Proceed to the removal of stains

To pre-test a product for removing stains, use it on a small piece of same fabric or on the inner fold of clothing. After checking the resistance of tissues to the action stain removers, proceed to cleaning clothes. In the case of loss of color or decrease the strength of the fibre under test should abandon using any cleaning agent, replacing it with a different stain remover. Apply the swab a bit of the cleaning and proceed to the removal of stains, performing the movements of the tampon from the edges of the stain to its centre. Never be in a hurry to put on the spot once a large number of stain remover – better to split the spot removal into several stages, each time replacing the soiled tampon for a new one. It is possible that with a generous wetting the stain may spread and increase in size. You should not try to remove stubborn stains at a time. Much prudent to repeat the operation several times since the beginning. Wish your things never had spots of dirt, but if it was there, then easily output!

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