As clothing to hide figure flaws. Distract attention from the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity

For compelling the appearance of the main thing – to distract attention from the problematic parts of the body, highlighting and emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

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skirtrecommended prohibitedbelow waistclothes verticaldistracting attentionlow waistline

We have systemized a huge amount of advice from stylists and designers and based on them made a table. How we did it – to judge you.

short stature

Recommended Prohibited Dresses, pants and skirts with high waistline; Clothes with vertical stripes or solid colors, classic Straight pants with arrows; the Small elegant accessories Colorful and overly bright; a-line Skirts; Pants Bedouins; Clothing with horizontal stripes; Shoes with too high heel, Big massive accessories

High rise

Recommended Prohibited The clothes of several colors or horizontal stripes; Direct skinny jeans with a low waistline; a-line Skirts; Large massive accessories Dresses, pants and skirts with high waistline; Clothes with vertical stripes or solid colors, Classic trousers with arrows; the Small elegant accessories

Short legs

Recommended Prohibited Fabric in vertical stripes and small polka dots; Dresses and coats with a high waist; elongated and extended to the bottom of the skirt; a Blouse and straight-cut jackets; Shoes with heels Dresses with a low waistline; Blouse tucked into a skirt; the Trousers, opening the belly; the Pants with tucked edges; Cropped pants

Small Tits

Recommended Prohibited Loose tops; Dresses with thin spaghetti straps; Dresses and blouses of flowing fabrics; Narrow tailored jackets; Jewelry, distracting attention away from your chest (earrings, bracelets, rings ) Sweaters with scoop neck; Wear dark colors

Big Tits

Recommended Prohibited Clothing made of soft fabrics in dark colours; Clothes with vertical relief; Dresses without draperies and buttons; Dress with oval neckline; Tops and jackets with v-neck; slacks; Lush and flared skirts Blouses with ruffles; Dresses and tops with thin spaghetti straps; Blouse of thin transparent materials; Narrow tailored jackets; Dresses with complicated details in the cleavage area

Wide hips and full legs

Recommended Prohibited Skirt with asymmetrical hem, jagged angles, Dark jeans with cuts on his calves; a tight-Fitting denim skirt just below the knee with side slits; Loose cotton trousers, Long jackets with massive shoulders, Dark clothes brushed, smooth or slightly velvety fabric; Shoes with heels Skirts and dresses with a slash hem; Skirt of contrasting colors; skinny pants and jeans; Trousers with a low waist;Pants with pockets; Mini-skirts or knee-length skirts; Jackets and coats with belt that divides a figure in half

Excessive thinness and narrow hips

Recommended Prohibited Fabric in a large square or large flower; close-fitting dresses;Sweaters, shirts and tops, form-fitting shape; circular Skirt with pleats;Trousers with a low waist; Blouse with wide gathered at the wrist, sleeves; Wide belts at the waist or hips Narrow and form-fitting coats or dresses; Dresses and blouses sleeveless; Silhouette, tapered leg

Thick butt

Recommended Prohibited Clothing below the waist dark color; Free classic trousers; Skirt and pants with thin vertical strip Wear lighter colors below the waist; Shimmering bodycon fabric, Short tops, shirts and blouses; tight pants and leather pants; Too wide baggy pants; Jeans with side pockets; Shoes with stiletto or thin heels


Recommended Prohibited Dress with an asymmetrical zipper; Skirt of heavy fabrics; Denim skirt with buttons down the front; Long jackets and trousers with side zip closure; Long straight stretch jeans; Shirts and cardigans with the bottom unbuttoned 2-3 buttons; Broad, massive belt, half-mast just below the waist line Clothing made of light fabrics; Pants with a low waistline Pants with elastic; Stretch tops; Tight breeches lycra;Shirt and blouse, tucked into pants

Full calves and ankles

Recommended Prohibited Skirts to the knee; Tights dark shades: wedge Shoes;Black high knee-length boots in suede or stretch material; Sandals and sandals with wide straps Skirts below the knee and mini-skirts; Bright or sparkly tights with lurex; Boots; Sandals with thin straps, fastened at the ankle Be always beautiful and irresistible, because you are women!

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