How to care for woollen garments. Care of woolen clothes

Woollen clothes are almost wrinkle free and a little soiled. At the same time, clothes of wool requires an attentive and caring attitude.

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Before you start the washing or Ironing of wool, be sure to read the icons on the label located on the reverse side of the garment.


Woollen garments and knitwear, it is preferable to wash hands, because washing machine may damage the fabric. In warm water (300 C) dissolved shampoo, baby soap or gel for washing. Even better to use special washing powder for grooming. Carefully stir the resulting mixture and whisk foam. Soak woolen thing for 5 minutes and then light gentle movements, without undue pressure operated Laundry. Wool sweaters require special attention, so washing wool sweaters are presented in a separate publication, which we strongly encourage you to read. If you do decide to wash woollen garments in the washing machine, set the mode hand wash or delicate cycle and place the wool item as a bag for washing. Selectable temperature 300 C, in a container fill with washing powder with air conditioning and erasable. Rinse wool in water of the same temperature as for washing. If possible woollen garments after washing do not wring better. As an exception, you can wrap it in a towel, roll and squeeze gently.


To wool the fabric is not stretched during drying, and never dry it in an upright position. On the floor or on the table lay a piece of plastic film on top, place a dry towel, and then put your favorite wool clothes. The drying should be situated away from heat sources and direct sunlight.


When Ironing woolen clothes iron temperature controller adjustable in position for wool, placed on an Ironing Board washed and dried (a must!) article of clothing, cover with moist gauze cloth on top and iron without steam. Smoothing out folds and wrinkles In the process of wearing woollen clothes, it is inevitably formed by the folds, wrinkles and bruising. To refresh and update such a thing is possible without using an iron. Just hang it up on a hanger or otherwise placed in the bathroom, filled with saturated steam. Steam and moisture will successfully cope with folds and primatesta, returning the garment to its original appearance and original form. And in this way you can remove wool clothing smells of sweat, food and smoke.


In the summer washed and ironed woolen garments placed in the wardrobe, not forgetting to take measures to protect woolen garments from moths. Let the wool always delights you with its flawless elegant look. Wear it in health!

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