How to choose running shoes. A selection of comfortable and quality sports shoes

Sneakers – very comfortable and practical shoes for sports and Hiking. To serve as long and do not cause inconvenience, and sometimes suffering and need to know how to choose.

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Top sneakers

Can be made of leather, imitation leather, synthetic fabrics, and combinations of synthetic mesh material with leather inserts, or from a combination of faux leather with natural. Leather upper comfortable because these shoes are tight and comfortable to sit on the foot, repeating all the curves of the ankle joint and the foot. In shoes comfortable, because it almost does not get wet and at the same time not hindering normal perspiration and air exchange. Besides there's nothing stronger shoes of natural leather, at least for today. Sneakers made of synthetic materials mesh structure is also quite durable and reliable. Ventilation of the foot in shoes – at the highest level. Significantly worse shoes with synthetic uppers is the case with waterproofing. But that is almost does not get wet, it's shoes made of artificial leather. But without missing moisture inside, faux leather completely covers the access of air to the feet. The lack of ventilation for an extended period of time will lead to sweating and podporovany feet. If the interior of the sneaker is upholstered with fabric, fabric must be natural. The rear part of the sports Shoe should be rigid, securely locking the foot in the heel area. And its upper edge, to avoid rubbing of the skin must be soft, with cushion. The same hollow roller shall be fitted and the outer edge of the sneaker.


Depending on the brand and the manufacturer of the insole may consist of two parts: a base non-removable insoles are removable and conventional. If the insole is one, it must be removable, giving you the ability to remove, to clean or to dry. In the middle of the sole of quality sports shoes is always a small bulge — in arch support that supports the arch of the foot and prevents the development of flatfoot. In some models of shoes the arch support placed directly on top of megadose and covered insole. The material of the insole must ensure a secure fit inside shoes. Insole should perfectly absorb moisture and have good ventilation.


Its main purpose is the attenuation and mitigation of physical impacts transmitted to the foot during walking or running. May consist of several layers. Made from durable and elastic materials. To increase the degree of elasticity in the heel and the fore part of the sneakers manufacturers megadose place the cavity of the air or compressed air. In recent years, the air began to replace the more effective and long lasting filler on the basis of the gel.

Outsole with tread

Inside the soles of sneakers is always a good rigid insert that does not allow twisting of the foot. Ahead of the sole can be continued to the top of the fore part of the Shoe and is made in the form of blotches or influx, protect the toe part of the foot. Well, if in the heel part of the sole has a heel stabilizer made from thermoplastic plate and protecting the foot from sliding sideways. Tread pattern depends on the purpose of sneakers. The sole can be rubber with a raised pattern and blotches, and rubber, almost smooth and almost without a pattern. A very important question – where should bend the sole. Regardless of model, manufacturer and purpose of sports shoes, the soles of sneakers have to bend in the first third, near the base of the toes. If the sole of the Shoe bends in the middle, these shoes are not just uncomfortable, they are dangerous for your health! We wish you the right choice and successful purchase of sports shoes. Engage in physical activities and sports and be always healthy!

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