Try on both shoes when buying. Rules fitting shoes

Two identical pairs of shoes does not happen. Trust the numbers, meaning the Shoe size, is not worth it. How can that be? The only answer is to try on each pair.

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Time of day to try on

During the day the leg swells a little and the second half of the day, new shoes, the morning is perfect sitting on the foot will press and deliver a lot of discomfort ranging from a feeling of discomfort and painful to the blisters. So do not rush in the morning in the Shoe store or at a flea market for new shoes and summer time of the year and especially during the season of heat, be patient and give your feet a half-day "work." Trying on shoes in the afternoon, you will be assured on all hundred that the big sizes, than the moment your feet to achieve can not, and hence the fitting will be correct.

is Posted or not?

If a vending pair of shoes were not the size and it's a bit tight, do not go on about the seller and not listen to his assurances that new thing eventually is posted and will perfectly fit the foot. Of course, over time the vending pair of shoes is posted, but it is possible that this would require a whole season. Season with calluses and corns. Of course, there is commercially available a wide range of special sprays for stretching leather shoes, but is it really a problem you need to buy shoes, then to deal with it? In addition, the purchase of such sprays is unnecessary and unplanned financial costs. So never buy tight shoes in the hope that it eventually spreads, it is better to spend the time, effort and money to finding a really suitable size footwear.

Check for completeness

Index finger slide on a conventional line, connecting the bone of the thumb with the little finger. If the surface of the Shoe clearly emerges the relief of the bones of the fingers, this suggests that try on a pair of shoes is not appropriate for completeness. If the leather of the Shoe between the bone of the big toe and the little finger is not stretched even a little and frowns, but on the crest of a sock hands to gather a small fold can be no doubt that this pair of shoes fullness is yours.

a Little walk around the store

Dressed in their new clothes to try on, do not rush to take it off. Walk around the store, make two or three dozen steps, stop, stand up on socks, then put your weight on your heels. Listen to your feelings. If there is even a slight feeling of discomfort in the feet, give up the purchase of this pair of shoes and ask the same, but a different size. If discomfort in the legs is not felt, in that case, congratulations – you have selected your Shoe size. We believe that by adopting our recommendations, you will choose a comfortable, practical and beautiful shoes that your feet will be very grateful!

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