How to get rid of salt stains on shoes. How to get footwear from salt stains

In the winter utilities strew roads and sidewalks salt mixture. After drying on winter shoes salt stains remain, ruthlessly gnaws at her skin.

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Remove salt from leather shoes

Primarily leather shoes should be well washed with warm water, paying particular attention to the seams where it accumulates the greatest amount of salt. Joints thoroughly clean from the salt with a brush. Wipe your boots or shoes dry and put out to dry. No hot radiators or radiators electric heaters – the shoes should dry at room temperature. No matter how carefully you washed your shoes, after drying on your favorite boots will still show through the stain salt. Don't get discouraged and don't blame yourself for the careless washing of shoes. Prepare a water solution of vinegar (1 part water to 3 parts vinegar) and wipe them speaking spot. Also copes with acting on the shoes after drying, spots salts castor oil. Sometimes it takes only one time to wipe them spots on the shoes and salt — as usual! In very advanced cases will have to repeat the wiping surface of the Shoe with castor oil until the complete disappearance of salt stains. Shoe manufacturers care about the health of leather shoes and release in aerosol cans of special cleaning foam that perfectly cope with its task to remove salt from shoes. Shake the container, the impregnated sponge or cloth cleaner from the cylinder, apply it on the surface of the Shoe and wait a few seconds. Damp cloth to erase the remnants of the foam from the surface and dem shoes to dry.

Clean salt from suede shoes nubuck

Clean shoes made of nubuck and suede with a wet brush, and in particularly complex cases may need and wash in warm water with detergent. Don't forget about the seams, where going more than just salt. After that dry them at room temperature. Of salt stains that inevitably appear on your favorite suede shoes, remove steam. Schipacheva in the pan of water, remove the lid and keep the shoes over the steam for several minutes. Then wipe the surface with a soft cloth and combed with a special brush. Another recipe against salt stains: ammonia wet the swab and wipe all the white spots wipe wipe the surface of the boots, and then a rubber brush or an ordinary eraser raise the pile on your favorite shoes. Also, as in the case of leather footwear, the best way to remove salt stains shoes special Shoe care. Tool for cleaning the shoes apply a surface to be cleaned, make a pause for a few seconds, then wipe the shoes using a soft cloth and after drying (again at room temperature!) admire a superb view of the footwear from suede or nubuck, not forgetting rubber brush to raise the NAP.

Protect your shoes from salt

To protect both leather and suede Shoe there are many special tools in various versions, in the form of creams, liquids or sprays. Treat your shoes with a protective preparations before leaving home. Help shoes will make it easy for her struggle with moisture and salt, and shoes will reward you handsomely, being always dry, clean and elegant!

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