How to remove gum from clothes. How to clean clothes from traces of gum

Where does gum on clothes? To ask this question too late, it's time to swiftly and decisively act in order to have time to save their favourite thing.

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Ways to remove gum from clothes not so much, therefore, do not claim the title of discoverers, just collect together all the advice and experience of successful (and unsuccessful) Disposals of clothing clinging to her chewing gum. Paradoxically, one way of getting rid of chewing gum in some situations life-saving, while others are ineffective. What is the reason? I think that in the chemical composition of gum, the structure of the material, extent and freshness of contamination.

a Classic of the genre – freezer

Spoiled gum favorite thing to put in the freezer. How? So after removing from the freezer, the gum on the jeans or the jacket would crumble like chalk in the hands of student teachers at the first lesson. Vigorous arm movements, imitating the process of hand washing, "wash" the article of clothing in place of clinging "byaki". Usually after the first frosts one can derive the entire spot of gum from clothes. If the gum is completely not totals, put the thing in the freezer for another session of freezing or trying another way.


Often mentioned, but at the same time is not always effective method. So the heated iron to the lowest temperature possible – young people maximalism is useless. On the Ironing Board or table put spoiled thing spot gum up. Cover the top with a piece of paper, paper towel, napkin, handkerchief – the options are countless. Iron the ironed clothes in the contaminated area, then remove the iron aside and remove the sheet of paper with their favorite gizmos. Typically, most chewing gum comes unstuck confidently from clothes and confidently stick to a napkin or sheet of paper. If the enthusiasm is not extinguished and there is no fear of the iron, repeat the procedure again, replacing a napkin or handkerchief on the net.

benzene, alcohol, thinner and other

Good method, but requires prior check color fastness of material your clothes. So not to be crushed because of discolored tissue try the effect of chemicals somewhere in the hidden section of the garment. Soak the cotton swab in the cleaner and RUB on the fabric. If the cotton swab is not left traces of paint, which painted the fabric, proceed to the removal of gum. The improvised Arsenal of cleaning products is quite extensive:kerosene, motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, lighter fluid, liquid WD-40, acetone, thinner, alcohol, vodka and citric acid. To wipe stained with gum tissue should as with the front and on the reverse side. You need to be prepared for the fact that in place of the extracted spot gum spot will appear bold. But we're such stains can output, right?

Special tools

On sale there are special tools for removing stains gum different brands and manufacturers. Basically we are either in the form of a spray, freezing the spot with chewing gum, either in the form of liquids and gels, solvent containing gum substances. We do not discourage you from using industrial tools for removing gum, but in most cases, to get rid of clinging to the clothes of gum is possible and the above expedients. In most cases, after removing gum clothes should be washed, following the rules of washing for each particular material. Let your clothes never comes into contact with chewing gum, clean, neat and elegant!

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