How to care for knitted items. Proper care of the knit garments

Clothes made of knitted fabrics has many positive properties, it is soft, comfortable, does not crumple, does not fade and does not accumulate static electricity.

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The best decision is to wash knitted things by hand. Before washing do not forget to look at the icons on the tag sewn to the inside of the garment. In most cases the water temperature when washing knitted fabrics should not exceed 300 C. In a warm water-soluble gel or powder for the Laundry and start. Knitted thing in the wash should be pressing, not rubbing. If you do decide to wash your favorite knitted thing in the washing machine, set the gentlest wash cycle without pushups, and the temperature not above 300 C. Use special detergents for hosiery and substances, water softening.


At the end of washing stockings should be rinsed in clean water the same temperature as the wash. Rinse thoroughly, leaving fibers knitted clothes any minute particles of detergents, since after drying because of them the color of your favorite things can be irretrievably spoiled. Change the water several times. During the final rinse in water add the antistatic agent, giving a product form and texture.


After rinsing knit garments must be neatly pressed and wrapped in a dry towel. Very similar to drying after washing wool sweaters or garments made of wool, isn't it? Decompose the washed Jersey on the horizontal surface of a table or floor, placing it on a pre-plastic wrap and a dry towel. In the wet state is quite possible to slightly change the linear sizes of knitted things, lengthen or shorten sleeves, change the length and width of the product. Then locking the knitted garment in the desired position and leave to dry completely. It is strictly not allowed drying of knitted garments in hanging position, and also near strong sources of heat!

the Pellets and Pille

From washing in too hot water, excessive rubbing of surfaces against each other during washing, and sometimes for no apparent reason over time on the surface of the knitted things there are pellets. You should not fall into despair, know that the cause of pill can also be a porous structure or weak twist yarn knitwear. As the pellet is removed and Pilli? Elementary – shaving machine tool or a special brush to collect the spool. To reduce the chances of the spool on the appearance added when rinsing the clothes water conditioner to soften the fibers of the Jersey.


Typically, after the correct and proper drying, the need for Ironing the knitted things are not. But if you still dare to pet knitted fabrics after washing, do not abuse the temperature of Ironing and iron the thing on the reverse side.

is Stored

Clean and neatly folded in plastic bags knitted things placed on a separate shelf of a wardrobe. You can hang knitted clothes and on the hangers, but on the condition that it is long, otherwise it will stretch and lose its shape. Let your knitted garments never fade and does not stretch, and pleases you with its originality, variety and beauty!

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