How to get rid of bad smell of footwear. Elimination of unpleasant Shoe smell

Smell everything, including, and casual shoes. But sometimes the shoes exudes so unpleasant and disgusting smell that is not alone.

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Where does the smell?

The source of the smell shoes are, of course, your feet. Feet sweat, and sweat is the most fertile environment for the bacteria that live on the surface of the skin and on clothing (in this case, socks). By itself, sweat has no smell, because on 98% consists of water. It is the bacteria and create such a familiar smell of sweat and the smell of stale socks. With sweat and moisture the colonies of these bacteria are moving on the inner surface of the Shoe. And that is where so amazing fragrance.

wash your feet

To start to get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes should with observance of rules of hygiene of the feet. Feet should be washed with soap at least once for a day, then carefully wiped dry with a clean towel. After the legs are washed, they can be treated with deodorant and disinfectant additives bactericidal, destroying bacteria. Should frequently change their socks to fresh to prevent bacteria to multiply.

Drying shoes

A prerequisite in the fight against unpleasant smell of the Shoe is drying. The humidity and heat required and the necessary conditions for reproduction of bacteria. So don't leave them any chance – or soaked shoes propolisul necessarily dry, while respecting tips on caring for shoes of different materials: leather, suede or nubuck. Should not be worn the same pair of shoes, it is better to have two pairs and wear them alternately every other day. So the shoes will have time to dry out and ventilate.


Select for Shoe insole made from natural materials, and even better insoles with a carbon layer, which will be excellent to absorb moisture and will not breed bacteria and thus prevents unpleasant odors. Well also cope with the unpleasant smell scented insoles for shoes. It is necessary to remove insoles from shoes, to wash or handle the cleaners, and then be sure to dry

odor Removal

First, use a special disinfectant compositions for shoes and spray a deodorizing spray. More convenient to use a combined spray, and contains a disinfectant and deodorant. Process shoes this tool should be up inside the evening to the night the shoes are dried and ready for use. Well help to get rid of bad smell of footwear and improvised home remedies. Swab or sponge soaked in vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate, wipe problem inside shoes. Again, perform this procedure with the evening if planned in the morning this pair of shoes to wear. The advice is simple, but effective. By doing them, you will never suffer from the unpleasant smell of their shoes.

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