How to seal rubber boots. Independent repair rubber shoes

Rubber boots though rarely dress up, but in many situations is simply irreplaceable. Enough minor damage and they start to leak.

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we Repair soles

If the sole has a small crack or puncture, do not rush to throw out the boots and buy a new pair. After simple repairs, they will last you quite a long time. First carefully washed out the sole of the boot because one small speck of dirt will negate all the work and effort. From old nylon tights cut into narrow and small strips. Included in the network of electric soldering iron and give it a good warm up. To a crack or puncture in the soles affixed a strip of nylon and melting its soldering iron, mould and RUB it into the damaged area.

Sticking boots

First prepare the patch. The ideal option would be a patch made of the same material as the boots. But because to find a piece of rubber, identical to the material of the boots is quite problematic, in most cases, the way out is the material from car or Bicycle inner tube. Adhesive side of the patch carefully sanded with sandpaper or an emery stone. You can also use the patch repair kit for Cycling of cameras, in this case, the adhesive surface of the patch pre-adhesive and covered with protective film. The surface of the boot around the injury also sanded, and the sanded area is the area of the boot should be slightly larger square patches. Apply a thin layer of glue on the prepared surface of the boot and latkes, by the way, if you are using a patch from a Bicycle repair kit, don't forget to separate the patch from the protective film before lubricating glue. Now about the glue: we used to repair rubber boots glue type "globe" or "the Moment", I think other types of glue for bonding rubber will also work. After a thin layer of glue applied, give it time to dry 20 to 30 minutes. Then re-apply the adhesive on the bonding surface, wait a few minutes (read the instructions on the glue) and strongly presses the patch to the boot for a few seconds. It is possible, as in the case of gluing of the inner tube, to keep the surfaces smooth wooden block and apply the patch with a hammer from the center to the edges. Give the glue time to dry (again, read the instructions on the packaging), usually 24 hours. Dress up your favorite boots for cottage, garden, hunting or fishing!

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