How to wear shoes with high heels. Rules of walking in high heels

Shoes with high heels makes a woman's figure more graceful gait and air. That it did not deliver inconvenience, need to know how to walk in high heels.

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Shoe Selection

The high-heeled shoes should be of high quality and comfortable. When fitting shoes do not rush, try on footwear in different sizes and decide which of them you feel most comfortable with. Shoes to prevent calluses and corns should not squeeze the toe or heel, nor should it be neither tight nor too loose.

Start with moderate heels height

Not necessarily immediately stand on tall studs, all need is consistency and gradualness. So start with acquiring the shoes or boots with a heel height of about 5 to 7 centimeters, and the thickness of the heel should be moderate. Over time, when your leg muscles get stronger, you can go to shoes with higher and thin heels.

Posture when walking

Very important when walking in shoes with high heels is the correct position of head, shoulder and back or, in other words, the correctness of posture. Head and trunk are on the same vertical line, back and shoulders straight, chest slightly raised, abdomen retracted – that a correct posture with which the gait on high heels will be graceful, light and elegant.

step Length

When walking in high heels the correct stride length should be slightly greater than the length of your foot. Your pitch is much longer? Pareuchaetes! With a smaller length of step, the gait will be mincing and fussy, if the step will be wider, in this case, the trunk will swing up and down, and your head bounce.

the Setting of the foot

To put foot, obutu in shoes with high heels on, you must first heel, and then move the fulcrum on all foot. It is very important that at the time of setting her feet, she was straightened in the knee joint, because walking on bent legs not only that, heavy and comical, so also harmful to the health of the feet and spine. The feet should be positioned slightly toed out, the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise when excessive vyvernuli socks out gait becomes like a goose. And toe socks, placed inside, will transform the walk slim and graceful women in the Bruin perevarivaniu from foot to foot. Heel should move in almost a straight line. When climbing the ladder should be placed at the same time and the heel and sole in the middle of the stairs, but when descending as a fulcrum you must use the sole, the heel must remain raised with no contact with a step. Beautifully and gracefully to move in shoes with high heels the strength of each woman, you just proved yourself. Be elegant, graceful and irresistible!

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