How to remove clothes with the smell of sweat. Neutralize the smell of sweat on clothes

Sweat leaves the clothes are not only wet spots, but sometimes with difficulty withdrawn, the smell of sweat. Washing doesn't always help. But ways to get rid of the smell of sweat.

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Advice to sweat less is not suitable a priori, because that's how the human body, because of the sweating it maintains its temperature optimal for its activity range. Sometimes it happens that even freshly laundered the garment still gives off an unpleasant smell. In these cases come to the aid of a simple but very effective recipes of getting rid of clothes from the smell of sweat.


In a glass of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of salt. Wetted with salt solution prepared with a napkin or a scrap of cotton fabric and wipe them clothes with a strong smell. After processing your favorite gizmos with a solution of salt it should be thoroughly washed. The smell of sweat after drying the clothes will be totally missing. Method is suitable for linen, silk garment and cotton. But for wool it is necessary to increase the concentration of cleaning solution in a glass of water is necessary to dissolve not one but two tablespoons of salt.

Salt and ammonia

For white garments, which is not afraid of discoloring, in a glass of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of ammonia. Treated clothes the same way as in the previous case, and then said:. To remove the smell of sweat from coat collars or fur products will help the same salt and ammonia. Prepare a solution of water, salt and ammonia in the ratio 100 : 10 : 1. Wetted a piece of cloth or a handkerchief with a solution and wipe them with the collar of a coat or coats. The result will be complete absence of unpleasant smell on their clothes.


In a bucket of warm water add a Cup of vinegar, stir thoroughly, and then immersed in the prepared solution foul-smelling thing. Leave it in the solution for 8-10 hours. Then wring and hang to dry (preferably in direct sunlight). After drying your favorite clothes washed in ordinary washing powder. The smell of sweat will disappear. If the smell of sweat appeared on the wool thing, you don't plan to wash or just only washing, we use the following way to remove the smell of sweat. In a glass of water dissolve a teaspoon of vinegar, and moisten with this solution a napkin, wipe malodorous places a woolen suit. Instead of vinegar you can also use lemon juice. Such simple ways are quite effective to get rid of the smell of sweat that appeared on your favorite garment. Take your clothes quite some time and she again becomes clean and fresh!

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