How to care for cotton clothing. Proper care of cotton products

Cotton clothing has a number of invaluable properties: it is quite durable, takes fine washing and Ironing, perfectly absorbs moisture.

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The list of cotton fabrics is quite extensive, they include: satin, cotton, calico, taffeta, poplin, Batiste, bike, denim and chiffon. Despite the diversity, care for clothing made of cotton is basically the same for all kinds of fabrics.

Preparations for washing

Before washing clothes of cotton fabrics in the first place should be cleaned off the stains. Then you need to carefully check the contents of his pockets to casually wash together with clothing, money, documents and other small items. All zippers, buttons and hooks (except for the buttons) on clothing must be fastened, laces tied, and the garment to be turned inside out. The cuffs on the sleeves of blouses and shirts should be required to flatten it. In the preparatory phase clothing should be sorted by the type of tissue, their colour and the degree of contamination. Special attention when sorting clothes should be given to things that can bleed and stain other items of clothing.


Clothes made of cotton fabrics, unlike knits and wool, we can safely load in the washing machine. The water temperature in the washing machine when washing cotton clothes made of thin colored fabrics should not exceed 400 C. Things of a more solid coloured fabrics it is acceptable to wash at a temperature of 600 C, and for white cotton clothes, you can set the washing temperature even more. In any case, before washing the clothes check out the icons on the tags, there will be mandatory indicates the temperature of water for washing of a thing, as well as the validity of the use of bleaching agents. Rinse cotton clothes should be in warm water, to avoid extreme temperatures after washing.


After a minor spin, and even better, and no, laundered cotton clothing should be hung out to dry in a natural way. Try to avoid direct sunlight for drying the clothes. You should not overdry cotton things, as in this case is the destruction of the fibers of the fabric and clothes lose its original appearance. If the washing's still dry, it is advisable to moisturize from the sprayer for an hour or two before Ironing


There is also nothing daunting. You should set the temperature regulator of the iron to "Cotton Cotton", turn on the steam, if any, in the iron and start Ironing clothes, keeping the order of Ironing: start with small parts of clothing, gradually moving to larger.


You should know that is detrimental to fabrics made of cotton is dust of citric acid, the structure of the tissue when this is destroyed in a matter of minutes. Another enemy of cotton clothing – natural light, which colors the white yellow. And the fun part: cotton clothing inedible to moths, fiber cotton fabric, this winged glutton to digest unable, therefore, on the protection of the garment from moths you should not worry.

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