How to choose a down jacket. Rules for the choice of quality down jacket

So in the winter cold jacket kept your warm and protected from biting wind, use our tips on the correct choice.

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Joints and fittings

Consider the jacket from the outside. All seams must be done efficiently and neatly, without a single hanging thread. The hardware of the jacket (zippers, buttons and fasteners) required to bear the name or trademark of the manufacturer. If not, we should doubt "brendovoj" of this product. In addition, every self-respecting company will provide the product with a sample bag of fluff and spare (repair) kit of accessories.

Distribution of Pooh

Fluff on the surface of the jacket must be distributed in small blocks, with the size of about 20x20 cm With a larger block size filler in them will go and settle at the bottom. Sometimes, immediately assess the size of blocks down is difficult, because often the coverage of the jacket consists of two layers: functional and decorative (not all love quilted things), in this case, turn the jacket inside out or examine its lining. In the block with the fluff should not be any lumps, Pooh should move freely inside the unit. From the jacket in any case should not hang around neither fluff nor feathers – in a decent, branded goods, it is placed in a double pack with rising stem impregnation, not allowing Peru to pierce the fabric.

learning from the label

The words "down" indicates that the insulation of the jacket is goose, duck, Swan, or eiderdown, but such jackets are quite rare and are very expensive. Most often the label can be read the word "feather," indicating a mixture of down and feathers. Gasket jacket consists of cotton wool, if on the label there is the inscription "cotton", wool batting – "wool" and "polyester" indicates the insulation batting, fibertech, hollofiber or valderma. The percentage of down and feathers is in the format of 70/30. This inscription shows that the gasket of the jacket is 70% down and 30% feather. The higher the percentage of down, the warmer the jacket will be. The resilience of down FillDown is usually about 550-600 units and indicates the ability of down to regain its structure after compression. If the label value FillDown equal to 700 or even 800 units, you know – before you the product from the wool of extra-class. Other indicators of quality: the degree of thermal insulation, CLO and all the standards of qualities of the type of European DIN, play no significant role, but nevertheless must be indicated on the label of high-quality branded products.

Final test

Turn the jacket into a roll, it needs to significantly shrink and shrink in size. Let him go, if after a short time he will develop and acquire original shape and size, you can be sure that the insulation consists of a fluff of very high quality and will not stray into clumps even after washing. Selecting a jacket with the use of our tips, can all be 100% sure of its quality, reliability and durability. Good luck and warmth!

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