How to stretch shoes at home. Simple ways to make the shoes roomier

The house having tried on a new pair of boots or shoes, do not worry, if the new thing will be uncomfortably crowded. Shoes to stretch at home.

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Since the manufacture of shoes used patterns and pads, designed for an average person, and structure each foot is a purely individual thing, do not panic, if a new footwear in one place too tight, and the other rubbing his leg. You just need to fit it to the configuration of its legs, the more that reliable and proven way to do this is enough. Just want to warn you, all with shoes, described below, are performed at your own risk: cheap shoes made from inexpensive (and hardly high quality) materials likely will not withstand stretching, and expensive shoes, tainted in case something goes wrong, able to upset and throw into a depression which even the most convinced optimists.


The method is based on the property of water to expand when it freezes, increasing in volume. Plastic bag should be placed underneath each subject obuvki neck up, and then fill it about 2/3 with water. Left to put shoes in the freezer for about a day. After this time the shoes are removed from the freezer. Do not rush immediately to remove the ice packs from new shoes, wait an hour or two, allowing the ice to partially melt. Otherwise, when removing the packages high likelihood of damage to the internal parts of the Shoe.

Wetting and hydration

To stretch shoes using this method you will need a special spray or foam that are sold in every Shoe store or in the Department of household chemicals. You can save money on the purchase of the spray, replacing it with a liquid prepared by yourself. You need to dilute the alcohol with water in a ratio of about 1:1 or just use the vodka. In particularly difficult cases, when an alcohol is completely absent, to moisturize shoes, you can use plain warm water. The process of stretching is as follows. First, by means of a spray agent is applied to the interior of the footwear, then the footwear worn on the foot and the same agent is humidified from outside, from the front side. Next, you need to be patient and walk through the apartment without removing the Shoe, then half an hour, better yet two, waiting until it dries. If held a session of stretching does not give the desired result, the procedure after some time you can repeat.Wearing shoes when wet can be replaced by more gentle option: instead of dressing soaked footwear inside its stuff pieces of crumpled newspaper. Those who are not afraid of hardships and privations in the name of acquiring new shoes the desired shape and size, we offer you to stretch them using wet socks. Socks moistened in warm water, wear them on your feet, and above them – close footwear. Uvernuvshis, the material of the Shoe will become more elastic quite easily take the form of legs, precisely repeating its configuration. You can cover the footwear fabric material, and then slowly pour it with boiling water. Giving shoes to cool slightly, put on her leg and breaking it in. This method is only suitable for shoes made of genuine leather – leather, suede and nubuck from water such procedures may deteriorate. The boot heel or shoes, mercilessly cut into the heel, to soften, rubbed with wax, or moisten any alcohol-containing liquid.You should be aware that the described methods can be used to stretch the shoes in a half size, at least – on size, so the procedure of trying on shoes in the store should be treated seriously and responsibly. Let your shoes will always be your size! Good luck to you!

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