How to make fabric waterproof. The fabric does not afraid of water

In the event of bad weather, the tent or the awning have become a reliable protection from the rain, make sure in advance about the water resistance of the tissue from which they are made.

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The water passes through the fabric in two ways: leaking through the gaps between the threads, inevitably present in any woven material, and soaking through the fibres of the yarns from which it is made. Treating the fabric with special compounds that impregnate her thread and will fill in the gaps between them waterproof can be done almost any fabric. Ready to use water repellent sprays and sealants for joints are available in every tourist shop and sporting equipment, however, the means for imparting the fabric material waterproof, you can cook by yourself.

Using soap and alum

For the preparation of impregnating composition will need 500 grams of household soap, which must be dismantled (chop with a knife into thin shavings, and then dissolve) in 5 l of water. Water for mortar should choose the most soft and clean (with a minimal amount of salt). Instead of soap you can use washing powder for hand washing, it will need about 400 g The treated fabric is immersed in a container of solution for 30-40 minutes. After the material is thoroughly soaked, squeeze it lightly and without drying is immersed in a container with the tool, prepared from 500 g of potassium-aluminum alum dissolved in 5 l of water. After enduring 2 hours the tissue in a solution of alum, and hang her out to dry, not pressing. Another recipe impregnations: 5 litres hot water to dissolve 500 g of soap, then dissolve in a soap solution of 500 g of powder of rosin and 300 g of soda. The fabric is dipped into the solution, soaking in it for at least 2 hours, then hang without spinning dry.

Oil / paraffin mixture

Cook in a water bath a mixture of 200 g of paraffin wax and 1 litre of linseed oil. After complete dissolution of the ingredients to start drawing on fabric prepared mixture. It is most convenient to use a broad brush. Watch the temperature of the mixture, it needs to be hot. In the case of cooling of oil-paraffin mixtures suspend its application and again heat the mixture on a water bath. After processing, the fabric should be thoroughly dried. For the preparation of another solution also will need a water bath. It should dissolve in 3 litres of fuel and 150 grams of glycerol, 400 grams of paraffin and same amount of vaseline. When all the components completely dissolved, in a container with the prepared mixture is immersed in the fabric and allowed to stand 30 minutes, whereupon the fabric is dried in the open air. Be extremely careful with fire during operation: a solution of petroleum-based flammable!

Solutions from the glue

Dissolved in 2 litres hot water 200 grams of wood glue, 20 g dvuhromovokislyj potassium and the same quantity of acetic acid, to the resulting solution to immerse the fabric, leave for 10 minutes and then hang to dry without wringing. For this recipe protective mixture you'll need to separately prepare solution 3. The first consists of 1 liter of hot water and 100 g of fish glue, the second one with 0.5 l of hot water and 20 g of alum, for a third you will need 0.5 liters of hot water and 10 g of white soap. The prepared solutions are mixed in the hot state is applied with a brush to the inner side of the fabric until then, until its external side is not impregnated with the solution. The treated fabric is dried until dry. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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