How to care for silk clothing. Care for clothes made of silk

Proper care of clothing made of silk for years to preserve its immaculate condition and luxurious look. Read how to care for silk clothing.

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Its beauty and elegance of silk is obliged to the special structure of silk thread having in cross section the shape of a triangle. Incident light rays are refracted in this natural prism, creating a glitter effect and transfusion of colors. In the cold clothes made of silk warms in the heat gives a feeling of coolness. Having a thickness of about 30 μm, the silk thread can reach a length of about one kilometer. Although on fortress a silk thread is not inferior to steel wire of the same diameter, the fibers can be weakened under the influence of sun rays, sweat and various perfumes. Therefore, silk products need to be careful and thoughtful care.


The best way of washing silk garments is dry cleaning. If you do decide to wash silk at home, in any case do not use the washing machine. Things made of silk should be hand washed using a special liquid detergent for the care of silk. If there are not at hand, you can use shampoo or baby soap. To avoid loss of fabric colors do not soak silk clothes, wash immediately start. The water temperature should not exceed 300 C. After washing, rinse the silk item in cool water with 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar, and then perform repeated rinsing in water of the same temperature, but without the vinegar. Avoid push-UPS and twisting silk clothing to remove from the surface of the water, the clothes of silk with just a light shake.

Drying and Ironing

Garments of fine silk dried on hangers, a garment of thick silk fabrics should be dried on a flat surface, previously tucked under your favorite blouse or dress with a soft dry towel. Do not expose silk to direct sunlight during drying. Place the dry clothing away from sources of heat. Drying silk should only occur naturally. To iron the silk product should with extreme caution, holding the temperature regulator of the iron to "Silk". The optimal condition of Ironing is slightly wet silk fabric. Iron silk clothes from the inside, placing it on a soft cotton Ironing Board cover. To avoid staining, do not use steam or wet the fabric with water. Especially carefully treat iron joints, avoiding pressure on them.

removing stains

Sweat stains from the surface of colored silk removed using salt solution. Completely dissolved in 1 Cup of water 1 teaspoon of salt, the prepared solution is treated with the contaminated area, then rinse the garment in lukewarm (up to 300 C) water. To get rid of sweat stains on white silk can in a similar way using table salt instead of hydrogen peroxide. Stains from tea, coffee, and alcohol fairly easily removed using a tampon soaked in glycerine. Inveterate stains is to first soak in a solution of baking soda, then wipe with a weak solution of vinegar, wait 15-20 minutes and then product the silk, rinse thoroughly.


For prolonged storage, silk clothing should be placed in the case of cotton or other natural material. Do not use silk to store things plastic bags or plastic covers to retain moisture. Clothing such packages will quickly turn yellow and get covered with a layer of mold. Silk is a delicacy to moths, so make sure the reliable protection of these items of clothing from voracious insects. Good luck to you! Let your silk clothing is always looks fresh and elegant!

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