How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave. Scrambled eggs in the microwave in minutes

In addition to defrosting and heating of ready meals in the microwave know how to cook, but not worse than stoves. Make an omelet in the microwave? Easy!

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Recipes of omelets to choose from but I love scrambled eggs with bacon, so we are going to cook.3 beat the eggs in a small container, such as a bowl. Adding the mass obtained 3 tablespoons of milk and beat again. Cut into small cubes 100 grams of bacon (I love bacon with meat streaks). Alternative — instead of bacon you can use cooked sausage, fried mushrooms, cheese. The options are innumerable. All of the previously scrambled mixed with diced bacon and beat again. Add salt and pepper as your heart requests. The bottom of a shallow dish of heat-resistant glass lubricated with oil or fat and pour all of the mixture. Top future omelet sprinkle with chopped parsley stalks.Now calculate how much time will have to be scrambled eggs in the microwave. To make 1 eggs, 40 seconds. And for each additional add 35 seconds to the start time. Consider: 40 + 35 + 35 = 110 (seconds). Then run the microwave for almost 2 minutes. Here is just something and the business! The finished omelet you can season the top with ketchup or mayonnaise. Well, here it is, as they say, on taste and color... Bon appetit!

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