How to cook meat at home. Preparation of cooked sausages with your own hands

Complaining about the quality of the boiled sausage in the stores, we offer you to prepare it at home following all the formulas and technologies, but without food supplements.

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I want to warn: the preparation of cooked sausage at home – a long and laborious process. Those who are not scared, read the article further. Perhaps the most difficult thing in the process of making homemade boiled sausage – find and properly prepare the membrane from pig intestines to fill her minced meat.


And so, cut the colon into two parts. Then fold each in half and squeeze its contents. Here is a little trick: the colon need to skip between your fingers and squeeze them from the middle to the open ends. Then bowel wash, gut-wrenching and purified from the mucosa, put on a cutting Board and scratching dumb (in any case not sharp!) side of knife. Again washed the guts out and leave them lying in the pot of water, and go to the cooking meat.


we Release the meat from the bones, tendons and various connective films. Mince 3 kg beef 2 cloves of garlic, and then in a separate batch, and also garlic, 1,5 kg of pork. Pay attention: beef, pork separately. Doing it again – the meat should be perfectly mashed. Now knead the minced meat. First beef. Add 0.5 liters of water, a teaspoon of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of black pepper and knead, knead, knead... In 0.5 liters of water stir half a Cup of starch. Mix the starch with hovagim minced meat and knead to a state of a viscous homogeneous mass. The time has come to unite for the stuffing. Mix beef and pork forcemeat and again knead, knead, knead... Half a kilogram of bacon cut into small cubes and add to the bulk of meat.

Actual sausage

Thoroughly mixed, you can remove from the cooking water of the colon and to start packing. The packing can be done by hand or with a spoon. But easier and faster – with a special horn, inserted in the meat grinder. In the same way is the gasket of the colon with minced meat during cooking with homemade sausage. Stuffed sausage loaves be sure to tie the twine. The ideal option would be to prokopich before cooking raw sausages about an hour in a hot smoke. At the very least do a two-hour drying in a dry warm place. The final part is cooking. Spacious volumetric cook in a saucepan on low heat at a temperature of 850 C (water should be slightly bubbling, but not boiling). Thick sausage cook for about two hours, thin – 40 minutes. Cooled sausage. Cooked sausage is ready. You can remove the sample.Please note – the manufacture of boiled sausage did not suffer a single roll of toilet paper.

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