How to choose a cooked sausage. The right choice of boiled sausage

Cooked sausage the days of the Soviet Union was "real", without toilet paper, starch and semolina. What criteria should be choose in our time?

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Mandatory ingredients cooked sausages

beef Meat Meat pork Fat Sugar, pepper, garlic, water

Nutritional supplements

Thickener (E407-carrageenan from seaweed, E 412 – guar gum from the seeds of the guar plant) Water-binding agent (E 450, E 452 — phosphate) The amplifier taste and aroma (E 621 — monosodium glutamate) Antioxidants (E 316 –sodium isoascorbate), E 250 (sodium nitrite), E 300 (ascorbic acid)Blagovesnaya agents based on phosphates serve to stabilize color and improve consistency. Sodium nitrite and ascorbic acid recorded the myoglobin, allowing the color of the sausage remains bright. And sodium nitrite acts as a preservative. In allowable concentrations of food additives or harmless conditionally harmless to our body. And yet, what to look for when choosing sausages?


All of the cooked sausage highest grade is produced according to GOST and are named: "Amateur", "Calf", "Tea", "Doctor". If in the name of sausages is present the prefix "Premium", "Lux" or "Extra", then you know that these sausages are made in accordance with the technical specifications (TS). The composition of such sausages may include additional components not covered by the standard.


Be sure to read the label on the loaf of boiled sausage stop your choice on proven brands, and the retail outlets choose the major stores and supermarkets.


Outside the loaf of boiled sausage must be dry and clean. The shell should fit snugly to the baton, if it is not, you know — before you stale or dried out sausage. The cut of the sausage should not be large voids, because the reason for this may be as a technological defect, and the possible reproduction of the Bacillus of botulism. The color of the cut should be uniform and without grey spots.

Time and storage conditions

Cooked sausage in a trade school should be kept at a temperature of 4-80 C. the shelf Life of sausage "varenkov" in a natural casing – no more than 5 days, and artificial – not more than 45.


Although starch is a natural product and protects the body from cancer, but the excessive content of starch (over 5%) in the product and gives the sausage a famous "paper" taste. Cut a thin slice cooked sausage and fold it into a tube. Not broken and crumbled? So the concentration of starch in the normal range. And finally. The best, in our opinion, the way to get quality meat is to make it yourself!

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