How to dissolve alcohol. Breed alcohol all the rules of chemistry

Hardly any adults, especially male, who would have never had to decide how to dilute the alcohol, so then to let the fiery mixture for warming the body and soul.

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Even Mendeleev through a long scientific research came to the conclusion – the optimal strength of vodka should be equal to 40%. In any case, not going to dispute this scientific fact, and immediately get down to business.

What you need for cooking

alcohol 96%; glucose 40%; honey; acetic essence; activated carbon; distilled water.

How to build

In 3-liter dishes, pour the alcohol with a capacity of 1.25 litres Add 40 ml of glucose and mix thoroughly Pour 100 ml of honey Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar Pour 1.6 liters of distilled water The resulting mixture was stirred until then, until it stops gassing (and salivation too) Throw 10 tablets of activated charcoal Allow the liquid to stand for a few hours Filter and filtered the mixture through a coarse cloth, cheesecloth, cotton Ohlajdauche next morning for the body test because of a hangover, please drink alcohol correctly, not forgetting about the snack.

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