How to choose the mandarins. The details of the choice of tangerines

The modern diversity of species and varieties of citrus is not easy to choose juicy and delicious, with a unique aroma of Mandarin. Difficult, but not impossible.

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Country of origin

Moroccan tangerines: not particularly large, thin rind, bright orange, completely seedless and very sweet. Spanish mandarins: large size, rind is thick and porous, bright orange color, very few seeds, very juicy and sweet. Turkish tangerines: small fruits, the rind is smooth, yellow or yellow-greenish color, more seed than in other varieties, tastes sweet with sour. Abkhazian tangerines: the fruits are small, rind thin, yellow, few seeds, sweet taste with sourness.

the Variety

Clementine, or Algerian tangerine: different sweet taste and lack of bones. Tangelo: a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit, fruits are large, juicy and sweet, with just a hint of grapefruit. Tangerine: the rind is smooth, bright orange color, the taste is sweet, slightly tart. The Church or Royal Mandarin: large fruit, orange rind, seed quite a lot, very sweet and juicy. Honey or Murcott: a cross between tangerine and orange, large fruits with yellow to orange color, has excellent taste.

appearance, weight and taste

We examine Mandarin. It's rind must be intact, without dents and stains. If palpated the soft spots, the fruit was defrosted or started to rot. We continue to explore the peel: if it is clear that between her and the flesh there is already a space, then the ripe tangerine, if the peel is tight to the lobules, most likely the Mandarin is not yet gospel. Weigh the tangerine in his hand. A ripe tangerine will always be much heavier than unripe. The most reliable way to choose Mandarin to try it. Feel free to try without fear of fat – the calorie content of oranges is very low. We wish you the most delicious tangerines! Bon appétit!

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