How to choose champagne. Types of sparkling wines

We offer you to familiarize with the intricacies of the choice of beverage made in the champagne region of France, and more democratic in price and quality sparkling wines produced for the masses.

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contentsugar contentsparkling winebrut sugar contentdry sugar contentsemidry sugar content

Based on the foregoing, the task will be as follows: "How to choose sparkling wine?"

sugar content

Extra Brut — sugar content up to 6 g/l Brut — sugar content up to 15 g/l Dry — the sugar content of 20-25 g/l Semidry — sugar content is 40-45 g/l White semi-sweet — sugar content of 60-65 g/l Red semi-sweet wine — sugar content of 80-85 g/l

production technology

Classic technology: sparkling wine stand (companiesabout) in bottles for at least 1 year Akrotiria technology: the wine is saturated with carbon dioxide in large tanks in a natural way within a short period of time Sparkling technology: the wine is "carbonated" is saturated with carbon dioxide gas artificially and bottled. The label must be marked with : production technology colour the sugar content food and energy value of the product the date of the spill and the period of granaditas from buying too dusty bottles, and bottles with damaged labels or without excise stamps. Drink sparkling wine in such quantity that it lifted the mood and brought the body good.

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