How to choose a bow for the winter. The right choice of onions

To talk about the benefits of onions, particularly during the winter colds and rhinitis, there is no sense about it and so all know. More relevant is the question of how to choose.

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choose grade

Of course, taste preferences at everyone. We recommend you to choose the variety based on its ability to retain properties during prolonged storage. The most suitable variety for winter stocks are acute varieties Golden bow – this bow is stored for a long period of time without losing its properties and taste qualities. Slightly worse in this respect look semi-sweet and sweet subtypes of white and red onion varieties, which are more often exposed to different diseases and worse are stored in the home. Conclusion: onions stored for the winter gold varieties.

stare at the nose of the bulb

Tail bulbs should be dry and firm, without the slightest signs of rot. This bulb will not grow in the middle of winter and well maintained.

Study the condition of the husk

Husk onions should be a Golden orange colour, dense to the touch and completely cover the whole onion. Flakes of husk should not have mechanical damages and stains of mold.

What should be the roots

The roots of the bulb should be dry. If on the bottom of the bulb visible fresh white roots-seedlings, without hesitation put this bulb in. After such a picky selection you can be sure that the processes of growth bow completed, he fully matured. Onions ready for hibernation and remain until the new harvest.

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