How to store onions. Rules of storage of onions

Stocks universal vitamin product is made. To healthy vegetables did not germinate and rotted, should adhere to the rules set out below.

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Assembled in the country or bought onions should be dried. First, onions are dried in the open air. Then we add the onions in the house, lay him on the floor in a thin layer. You can dry the vegetable in the oven at a minimum temperature, but it should be done with extreme caution, so as not to excessively dry up the bow.


Using ordinary scissors cut the feathers are dry, but not completely, but leave the tails with a length of about three to four centimeters. At the bottom of the bulb sprouts shears completely.


The candle flame or over a burner of a gas stove burning upper tails of the bulbs. Not be amiss to cauterize and their stems.

is Stored

Poseshenie processed and the bulbs put in crates with a thin layer, covered in a special mesh for the bow. Instead of grids you can use old tights. But, regardless of the capacity storage, the bulbs need to pour his own husk. Store onions in a dry, dark place at temperatures 3-80 P Periodically inspect strategic reserves and remove rotting bulbs.

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