How to check honey. How to check honey

The market is very difficult to choose a real medical product. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to distinguish natural honey from the adulterated.

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How to distinguish fake honey from real product? To test honey, buy a small amount (one hundred grams) with several permanent vendors and conduct at home with honey simple laboratory tests.

Check the honey for the presence of water and sugar

On a sheet of newspaper or other paper absorbent, drip a small drop of honey. Wait a few minutes. If the honey with additives and sugar water, it will splatter wet spots or even seep through the paper.

Looking for starch

Put in the glass some honey, pour boiling water, stir and chill. Dripping into the beaker a few drops of iodine. If the liquid becomes blue, so the honey dishonest seller added the starch.

Find other impurity

A piece of wire (preferably stainless steel) embers over the flame of the gas stove. Drop wire in the honey and immediately recoverable. If the wire will remain clean purchased honey is a complete and real. If it hangs any foreign adhesive mass, in front of us is fake. Again put into the glass a small amount of honey, pour boiling water, stir and chill. Honey without additional impurities completely dissolved. In a glass add a few drops of alcohol. If the solution zametica, are dealing with pure honey, otherwise we bought fake honey.Here such simple and accessible ways you can check the quality of honey and to make sure that bought in the market honey is pure and real honey, which will be long and well kept.

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