How to store honey. Rules of storage of honey

A favorite treat of children and adults selected and reviewed. In banks – natural and high-quality natural product. How to store honey to use and its useful healing properties?

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Honey should be stored in glass, ceramic, plastic or enameled, hermetically sealed container. Be stored in containers of food of aluminum, tinplate or stainless steel. In no case do not store the honey in a copper and galvanized pot, or in containers made of dark iron – is a medicinal product will enter into a chemical reaction with zinc and copper, filled with poisonous salts. Place the container with honey in dry and clean rooms. It is impossible to store honey beside spicy and strong-smelling products, next to sauerkraut, pickles, herring, cheese, etc. The optimum temperature for storing honey from five to ten degrees above zero Celsius. At temperatures above 150 With this product is converted into a mixture of carbohydrates. Honey is afraid of sunlight. Forty-eight hours of continuous sun exposure in it are destroyed inhibin enzymes and antimicrobial action. Now remember, in the markets the honey is idle in the sun for weeks, if not months. Sour honey can only be the case if it was pumped out in an immature condition or kept in a loosely sealed container in a high humidity environment. Natural honey will never develop mold. Honey has no expiration date and does not lose its qualities. According to GOST (ГОСТ19792-2001 "natural Honey" and GOST R 52451-2005 "monofloral Honey"), the shelf life of honey — 1 year. Although this does not mean that after one year, the honey becomes unfit for consumption, but it loses its antimicrobial properties. Plus ten to twenty percent a reduced amount of glucose and fructose. Begin to break down the vitamins B1, B2 and C, and the amount of sugar and acids, on the contrary, growing rapidly.

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