How to prepare a salad. Classic, gourmet and vegetarian recipes Olivier

Salad with mandarins, champagne and herring under a fur coat which is the invariable attribute of the New Year, is radically different from the sauce by Lucien Olivier, which consisted of veal tongue, grouse, boiled lobsters and pressed caviar.

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To prepare this salad a snap. All the ingredients are cut into small cubes, mix and dress with mayonnaise. Add salt to taste and pepper. Decorate with greens, boiled eggs, peas, sliced cooked sausage or meat, giving free rein to their imagination and creativity. The ingredients will be more complicated. Combinations thereof and combinations so much, how many kinds of salad. Consider only the most common.

Salad "classic"

cooked sausage or ham – 400g Boiled potatoes — 400g Carrot — 1 PC. Eggs — 5 PCs. Onions — 1 pieces. pickled Cucumbers or pickled mushrooms — 250 g Canned peas – 200 g Mayonnaise Salt Ground pepper

Salad "delicatessen"

Pork tongue — 400 g Boiled potatoes — 400 g Eggs — 5 PCs. Canned peas – 200 g Cucumbers and gherkins, fresh or salt – 250 g Sour cream Salt

Salad "vegetarian"

Soy sausage 400 g Boiled potatoes – 400 g Onions — 1 PC. The cucumbers — 100 g Fresh cucumbers — 100 g Tomatoes or red peppers – 100 g Canned peas – 200 grams

Some secrets

The salad was juicy, keep it warm for a couple of hours and only then put into the fridge. Salt Olivier caution is needed, given the degree of salinity of its main ingredients. It is recommended to salt the dish before filling with mayonnaise and after that evaluate its overall taste. That lettuce is preserved longer, add mayonnaise. The rest of the chopped ingredients without mayonnaise can be stored 3 days in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-60 S. Keep in cruets and containers with tight-fitting lids. No worse than the variant with conventional glass jar, closed with a plastic lid. Bon appétit!

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