How to cook Christmas pudding. Sochivo and coliva

The Slavs kutia is a mandatory and integral part of ceremonies like the birth and remembrance, but most often it is prepared for Christmas.

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This dish has a huge symbolic meaning: wheat symbolize eternal life, abundance and fertility, honey — sweet life and heavenly bliss, nuts good health, and raisins – good and welfare. A traditional dish is a semi-fluid — this Christmas pudding is called sochivo, and may be dry and crumbly – kolivo. Will tell you how to cook kutya both species.

Prepare sochivo

Prepare wheat. One Cup of wheat wetted slightly and pour into a mortar or a small linen bag. Then pounded her until she's cleared of the shell. Wash wheat and soak in water for 8-10 hours. Drain off water, wheat, wash, pour water and put on fire. Cook on very low heat for about two hours until soft. Pour boiling water 100 grams of poppy seeds. After an hour drain off the water, add sugar to taste and tenderized Mac razmerchik in a mortar, blender or coffee grinder. A third of a Cup of washed raisins pour boiling water. After about half an hour, when the raisins swell, the water is drained off. Clean 100 grams of nuts and razmerchik them. Than crush, you already know. Was the last ingredient – honey. Not cook, not wash, just dilute a little boiled water. Taking honey 2-3 tablespoons. Final part: mix wheat, raisins, poppy, nuts and honey –sochivo ready.

Cooking Koleva

A glass of wheat, cleared from the chaff, soaked for 8-10 hours in water. Drain off water, rinse wheat, pour a small amount of water and cook over a low heat until the ready status for about two hours, periodically pouring water. The resulting mess should be crumbly. In the same way as in the recipe for sochivo, prepare the poppy seeds, raisins and nuts. Mix all ingredients and serve coliva on the table. Kutia is lean (poor) and meat (a rich, generous)). To get the non Christmas pudding, the food composition is added milk, cream or butter. On Christmas prepare Christmas pudding rich with milk, the old New year is generous with cream or oil, and the Baptism from poor wheat and honey. Eat Christmas pudding at the beginning of the meal, remembering the ancestors and glorifying the newborn Christ.

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