How to clean the pineapple peel and core

The pineapple has long ceased to be a rarity on our tables. However, many have certain inconveniences and difficulties with cleaning it.

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Cut the top and bottom

Lay the pineapple on its side and with a sharp knife cut the leaves of the upper part, the upper part of the fruit cut off with a thickness of about two centimeters. If desired, it can be grown on the windowsill, the new plant is pineapple, and wait for the results. Exactly the same thickness cut off a slice from the bottom of the pineapple. Not greedy, because both the top and bottom of overseas fruit consist of fairly too hard and not edible pulp.

Cut peel

The resulting cylinder is put "on the priest" and start peeling. Cut a small thin vertical stripes. Since the peeler of pineapple takes on a sharp, saving your fingers and perform the operation very carefully. You can cut the peel of the fruit in a spiral, from top to bottom, thin spiral strips. Compared with the method of vertical trimming of the rind, the wastes will be less. But it will take skill, physical strength and special care.

Cut out the eyes

The pineapple is practically free, but there is one "but" — the whole side surface of the pineapple gaping eyes in the form of helical lines. Eyes these harsh, and besides nasledovne, so get rid of them. A vegetable peeler or small knife cut out all the eyes on the outer surface of the pineapple.

Remove the core

The core overseas fruit is very firm and hard, and therefore unfit for food. Cut her in two ways: — cut the pineapple lengthwise into two or four parts, and then a large knife cut the core from each half or quarters; — cut the fruit into wedges, and then with a small knife cut out the core in each of the resulting circle.


Cut the cleaned pineapple into cubes, thin slices or rings of desired size. Use for the preparation of pies, cakes, salads, smoothies, compotes, meat, chicken, omelets and many, many things. Unleash your imagination — she's in her flight will tell you this recipe that your home and your guests will long remember the unique taste of the culinary masterpiece made from pineapple!

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