How to bake pancakes. Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes

It is impossible to imagine the holiday of Maslenitsa without pancakes. Hot, crispy, flavorful, great tasting – better pancakes pancake Goodies there.

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Prepare the dough

Flour for pancakes must sift through a sieve. As a result, the flour is not only cleaned from various impurities, but also disintegrating, saturated with oxygen and becomes light and airy. Recipes dough for pancakes pancake so much that we dedicated a separate article to them. Add in the flour all the other ingredients. Important point: to avoid the appearance of lumps of dough, liquid ingredients of the dough add in the flour in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Don't do Vice versa, never pour the flour into the liquid. If small lumps of dough has formed, mix the dough until smooth. A good assistant when you will be mixing kitchen mixer. The consistency of the finished dough should be like liquid sour cream. While baking pancakes do not have to constantly grease the pan with oil, add the prepared dough in small portion of oil. Perform the final mixing of the dough and its being abandoned to the side to ripen a little before frying the pancakes. While the pancake batter ready, make pan.

Prepare the pan

What will be the griddle to make pancakes — Teflon, cast iron or steel – doesn't matter, it is important that it was flat-bottomed and perfectly clean. Pour into a pan some oil, add a handful of salt and a small kitchen well heated on the stove. Remove from heat, allow to cool and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Pour into the pan another handful of salt, carefully RUB it the bottom of the pan and wipe dry again.

Fry pancakes

Properly preheat the pan and grease its bottom with a little oil. Ladle recruit the first batch of dough and pour it into the center of the pan. Take a pan in the hand and operated by hand, quick and vigorous circular motion, from which the dough is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pan. After about half a minute the white dough in the pan turn yellow, it will appear small holes. Wide spatula in a circle detachable, the ends of the pancake from the sides of the pan. Set up a spatula under the pancake, lifting it up, sharp and precise movement turn over in the air. Fallen on the pan of the pancake we correct the scapula and deep fried its second side. For toasting a second side of a pancake takes about twice less time than the first, so do not yawn. Ready pancake spatula remove from the pan and laid on a broad flat saucer or dish, not forgetting to smear a pancake with butter on top. Recruit the next portion of dough and fry for a new man. While baking pancakes in no case do not mix the dough – it must "fit".


Pancakes are so unique and at the same time versatile dish that can taste them in their purest form, and filling. Examples of fillings for pancakes: sour cream, mayonnaise, jam, fruit, melted chocolate, honey, condensed milk, cottage cheese, boiled chicken, pork, beef, minced meat, fish, caviar, grated cheese, fried onions, stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes. The choice of toppings let your imagination run wild – pancakes are perfectly blended with the most exotic and unusual toppings!

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