How to defrost fish. Thawed fish correctly

All kinds of rolls, casseroles, meatballs, meatballs, stews – this is an incomplete list of dishes that can be cooked from frozen fish.

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Why is everything so difficult

In the process of freezing the water contained in fish, passes into the crystalline state. Quick freezing the water crystals are formed sufficiently small, occupy the same space as before the freeze, and therefore mechanical damage to the muscle tissue of the fish during subsequent defrosting (thawing) hardly occurs. Different slow freezing: the size of the water crystals formed during slow freezing much larger volume of frozen fish increased markedly, and the structure of muscle tissue undergoes significant changes. When buying frozen fish is impossible to determine how frozen fish, fast or slow. Therefore, to prevent the destruction of the structure of fish and loss of cell juice when defrosting, carry out the defrosting of fish by all the rules of science.

Thawed fish

You can defrost fish in the refrigerator at a temperature of 50 C. To accelerate the process, although it is not encouraged technologists-food products, you can defrost fish in air at room temperature, but cover it with foil to minimise evaporation. The best way to defrost is to put the fish to defrost in cold water subject to compliance with the following conditions: one kilo of fish a volume of water equal to 2 liters with dissolved one teaspoon of salt. In this gentle form of defrosting the fish will absorb water and its mass will increase by approximately 10%. It will be a kind of compensation for the loss of moisture inherent in storing fish in the frozen state. And the loss of mineral substances when defrosting will be to fill salt dissolved in water. Salted water is very beneficial for thawed fish, fish meat becomes lighter, juicy and delicious.

How not to thaw the fish

In no case should not be put thawed in hot water. At a temperature of about 400 to happen With the denaturation of proteins that make up muscle tissue of the fish. The amount of water that is able to retain proteins greatly reduced, the fish will give a large number of muscle juice together with mineral salts. Instead of muscle juice will be absorbed by the fish tissues hot water. The amount of fish will increase noticeably and it during cooking, or even in the unfreezing process, will break apart. We wish you all the dishes you have prepared from thawed fish had a delicious aroma and incredible taste!

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