How to choose fresh and tasty fat

About him singing songs and legends. Some call it a drug, others as a strategic product. Guess what? Of course, about fat.

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Where to buy

To buy fat best not in stores and supermarkets, and the market. Of course, it must be checked by the sanitary service, to bear the mark and relevant veterinary documents. I advise you to buy this delicate product from a proven or friends sellers.

What kind of fat is better to choose

The most delicious are the pieces of bacon from the side or from the back of the pig or the hog. This fat will be tender, with a delicate rind, suitable for use both raw and salted, and stewed and smoked. The fat from the cheek and neck of the animal will be much stiffer, and the skin on it will be thicker. A great culinary solution for such a product roasting or Smoking. Especially at the end, we left the consideration of the Ukrainian "Salo" — fat from the abdominal part of the pig. Skin is generally thin, and the layers of fat evenly alternate layers of meat. Raw and salted it may be a bit harsh, but in grilled, baked or smoked podcherevok will be a delicacy for true lovers of this incomparable product.

Consider, learn visually

The fat should be white or with a slight pink tinge. If the fat with a noticeable admixture of red, the pig put under the knife during her "wedding period". Reddish fat indicates also that the pig is quite long to kill, due to which particles of pig blood fell in fat. In both cases, the taste of fat is far from ideal. Be aware, also, that fresh fat can be yellowish or grayish shades. The optimum thickness of fat is from three to six inches. The taste of fat, as a lesser and greater thickness, will not recognize. Skin the fat must be free of hair and scraped clean. If the skin still visible hair, not worth buying this fat – if the owner of the pig so carelessly treated skin, we can only speculate with what diligence did he react to the cutting, storage and transportation of pork carcasses. Color of skin doesn't matter, it can be as white and yellowish. If the carcass is treated with fire with the addition of straw, the color of the skin rather brown, and the aroma of her at all... unmatched. As to the thickness of the skins, there is a rule that triggers almost always thinner than the skin of the fat, so it will be softer and softer. Fat with thick skin will be tough and solid.

Sniff to the product

Soft, delicate and slightly sweet, milky smell testifies that before us on the counter – fresh fat. And if it adds a tart flavor, so the hog or pig has pitch with sticks by all the rules. A very important point – fat does not need to smell like urea. If a strange smell is present, a lighter or matchstick to burn the area of fat. If the smell of urea has increased and has a distinct character, you know – you are trying to sell a fat pig. Purchasing a poor-quality product, you spend a lot of time trying all sorts of vymachivanie and spices to get rid of this unpleasant smell. And fat should not smell any gasoline, nor cabbage, nor fish. No odors from fat to be categorically should not.

my fish and touch

A knife, a fork, in a pinch, a match trying to pierce the piece of bacon. If the fat easily, with little resistance pierced, the product deserves further study. Similarly check the rigidity of the skin of fat – it should be slightly plotnovatye, but really, anyway, not "bulletproof". Touch the bacon to the touch it should be greasy but not sticky wet, but not slippery. Fingertips taken for the area of a piece of bacon. The top layer from the heat of the fingers a bit melted, and if the fat is hard, hard streaks — you will definitely feel to the touch. Hold the back of the nail along a piece of bacon. If fat has descobrimos quite a bit, so fat harsh and to stop the choice on it is not worth it.

a taste

Most of the sellers offer to try the bacon taste. Well, not refuse and try. The only thing that will please take note of the knife that the seller cuts off a piece of fat on the sample, at least visually should be net. So, a piece of bacon and chewed easily melts in your mouth, the consistency is gentle and has no aftertaste. Congratulations! You chose a very fresh, soft, tender and tasty fat! The melting point of fat is roughly equal to 370 C, it is easily melted and absorbed by the body. Bon appétit!

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