How to cook Apple pie in the microwave. Charlotte for 10 minutes

Apple pie "Charlotte" for 10 minutes in a microwave oven – a win-win, if suddenly descended guests, and you have nothing to treat them.

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Prepare the dough

Two eggs bring down the blender with one can of condensed milk. Add a teaspoon of soda and the same of cinnamon (those who do not like cinnamon, it's an ingredient in the dough composition can be omitted). Mix well. In the future the dough pour half Cup of flour and diligently kneaded the dough, until a homogeneous mass without lumps. Cut into small pieces 2-3 apples, and spilling them into the dough, again mix thoroughly. Grease a vessel of heat-resistant glass from the inside with lard. Butter sticks, margarine gives the salty taste, sunflower oil drains from the walls to the bottom, and lard.


Now the fun part! Put the bowl with dough in the microwave just for 10 minutes. I couldn't believe it, first time after reading the recipe, so I personally tested in practice. So, after 10 minutes take out of the microwave flavorful, piping hot, with crispy crust and incredible taste of Apple pie. Enjoy your tea!

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