How to cook eggs. Boiled eggs soft-boiled, hard-boiled and the bag

Looking forward to caustic comments such as: "Tell me more how to slice bread", I want to note that to properly cook the eggs too should be able to.

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determine the freshness of eggs

In a quart jar filled with water, drop the egg. From the freshness of the eggs will depend on his behaviour in a jar of water: — sank to the bottom – the egg is fresh, age — from 1 to 6 days; — floats in the middle, between the bottom and surface water – a fresh egg laid by a chicken a week or two ago; — surfaced – a stale egg is stored for about a month.

Preparing eggs for cooking

Cooking is preferable to take the eggs, whose age is more than 5 days these eggs will be easier to clean from the shell after they are boiled. If the eggs were stored in the refrigerator, be sure to give them a little time to heat up. It is advisable to rinse them in warm water and wash away all stains, to remove from the surface of the shell the bacteria Salmonella. The shell at the blunt end of the egg is pierced with a needle, so that during cooking a couple of air from the pouch the eggs are not destroyed by the shell.


For cooking, take a saucepan of small size, the eggs in her lay tightly without large gaps between them. Otherwise while cooking the eggs will roll over and knock against each other, and the shell — crack. To avoid leakage of protein in the cracking of the shell water definitely potseluem. There are 2 ways of cooking eggs: Method 1 — put the eggs in cold water, bring water to a boil and cook. Table 1. The cooking time of the eggs in boiling water:the Degree of readiness boiled eggs The cooking time in boiling water, boiled Mineiro (protein liquid, yolk liquid)3Яйцо soft-boiled (protein dense, egg yolk liquid)4Яйцо in мешочек5Яйцо вкрутую8-10 Method 2 – drop using a tablespoon egg in boiling water, cook for 1 minute on low heat, and then stand in hot water after removing the pan from the heat. Table 2. The cooking time and soak the eggs in hot water:the Degree of readiness boiled eggs The cooking time in boiling water, min Time soak in hot water after removing from heat, Mineiro soft-boiled (protein liquid, yolk liquid)1 5Яйцо soft-boiled (protein dense, egg yolk liquid)1 6Яйцо in мешочек1 7Яйцо вкрутую8-10 —

Peel eggs

To eggs has been cleaned and so they are not digested, immediately after the cooking process, hot water is drained from the pan and place the pan with the eggs under a stream of cold running water for 2-3 minutes, or periodically changing the heating water fresh and cool. Peel the eggs. Restrictive shell on the entire surface of the egg and placed the egg under a small stream of cold water. Peel, starting at the blunt end, and a small trickle of water to wash away small pieces of shell adhering to the surface of the protein.

Cook the egg without shell

Liter of water with dissolved in it 1 teaspoon of salt and 50 ml of vinegar bring to a boil. Grease the ladle with oil and pour in the egg. Drop the ladle into the boiling water. Drop the egg right into the water. Cook on low heat under a lid until the desired state of readiness, guided by the table 1. Get a boiled egg using a skimmer. To remove the eggs with the remaining water, put it down for a few minutes on a paper towel or napkin. Bon appétit!

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