How to make potato chips in the microwave in 5 minutes

Given the number of food additives listed on the packaging of potato chips, it is better to spend a little time and cook them in the microwave.

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My potatoes

5 medium-size potatoes thoroughly wash with warm water using a brush. If the chips are to eat children, we recommend you additionally to remove the peel of potatoes.


The next task will be more complicated — it is necessary to slice the potatoes very thin slices. You can use the slicer, a mandolin, or some other special grater. Well cut potatoes into thin slices new food processors, but I honestly do ordinary kitchen knife.

future Spread chips on a plate

Flat plate lubricated with oil or fat. This is in order not to pull out all possible ways of finished products from plates. If you want to make chips without oil, the bottom of the dish carpeted with a sheet of parchment paper. Lay out potato slices so that they with each other never touching, or almost not in contact. Laid the slices should be in a single layer. Can be a bit primality and sprinkle different spices. You can't season it, clean the chips out does no worse. Here it is, as they say, on taste and color...


The plate with future chips put in the microwave. How much time to include and at what power to cook? And here already all individually and depends on thickness of potato slices. I have the chips ready for the power of 700 W for 5 minutes. The ready light potato chips is their color. Almost like frying onions as soon as the slices of potatoes become Golden colour – be careful. Wait until light brown and switch off. Get a plate of chips from the microwave and spread them on a cloth or paper towel. Can be eaten hot, but can wait until they cool down. Bon appétit!

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